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Default concequences of a $1 qualifier

I play on tropical poker regularly lately. It's a new poker site with very few players. Most of them are playing with the bonus money they made from beta testing so the play there is very fishy giving you quite some bad beats but even more easy wins.

About a week ago they where playing a $1000 tournament where you could either buyin for $0+$20 or when you hit 1st or 2nd place in one of the qualifiers. Played one $1 qualifier with 23 players and I was in the main tournament. Only downside : It started at 3AM since I haven't arrived at the addiction level of waking up in the middle of the night to play poker, i wasn't really happy about it. Anyway , for some reason I got lucky ( had some relatives sleep over at our house, and I ended up sleeping in the same room as my PC) and could play the tournament. 88 players and I ended up 4th place , winning $100 and... A ticket to enter the champions event $3000 freeroll given to the top 4 ( 0+$50 buyin).
When: next day at 3 AM. 4 hours before the start, there where 12 players registered, so I couldn't let this pass and again, I got out of bed after trying to explain the wife that it was economically unacceptable to sleep during this tournament. total of 22 players for $3000. top 3 paid.

I started of ok, and practically doubled up when holding KK versus AQ with Q on the flop. stayed in the same chipstack for the next 40 minutes going up and down a bit, lost $1000 trying to bluff into a flopped boat. After 11 players left, and I have a medium stack size. Play was very tight and usually preflop raises where not called.

I got AJs and raise to $400 ( 2.5BB) a small stack goes all in so I call the remaining $350. He shows KJ, but hits a flush on the river. worked my way up a little bit. Some hands later I get KQs. I raise and same guy goes all in. he shows A10 and no cards that save me. I'm down to 3 BB now. 2 hands later. I get AK. the same guy goes all in again. I call and he shows KQ. Q hits on the flop and i'm out in 9th place.
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i can see this evry day happening to my friend in his heads ups.

just not for this kind of tourneys, too bad :-(
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