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Default a venting

I'm not looking for anything other than a place to vent this one out. Comments are welcome but understand this is a venting post. It ain't meant to be rational.

I started an account on Poker Room about a month ago with $25. After a month of playing there about 5 hours a week, I got my bankroll up to $129, mainly with a lot of 2nd and 3rd place finishes in $5 sit n go's.

I developed a good SnG strategy, playing tight and trying to double up with the premium hands, and sticking around to at least get in the money. My post-flop play is kinda simple, bet hard (or all) when I get a good hand, and either scare them off or take it to the coin flip.

Well, I'm going to play in a casino this July for the first time, so I figured I needed to get ring game experience. I know that the way I play sit n go's probably is not the best way to play ring games (from all the reading I've done), so I need some practice. And playing real well in ring games against computer AI on my PDA (Birdsoft's All In Holdem) like I do a lot wasn't going to compare against playing real live people.

In learning poker, I've been preaching to myself the mantra of playing only pairs, suited connectors, AK, AQ, AJ, A10, and the rest of Ax are only suited. My preflop bets are about 6xBB for AA-JJ, AKs, and AQs. THe rest I usually limp in, unless I'm late and there's only limpers, and I'll raise 6xBB. And post flop I'm checking or folding unless I got a good hand. Conservative on that side, but I figured safe was the best way to play.

Which means I didn't play many hands unless the cards came to me, and they did not for the most part.

But when I did get them, it was all bad news.

First game, 50NL. Start with $25. After about an hour of folding with few exceptions, I got one good hand, AKc, and I lose AAKK to trips 5's. I bet fairly aggressively I thought, representing the hand I had. A preflop bet of $2 left me with just this guy, flop gave me the Ace pair and I bet $5 and was check-called. Turn paired the King and I bet another $5 and was check-called, and on the river (the 5 which gave him the trips) he went all in and I called, completely not seeing how that card could have helped him. I guess a bad misread? Either way $25 gone.

I leave, go to a different game. Another 50NL table and $25. I'm up to about $40, and have AA, I get someone all in. I end up with Aces over 9's! And lose to quad 9's! $50 gone.

So I take a break for an hour, and come back. I jump into a 50PL game with 5 players. I put in $50, which is about what the other stacks are.

Warning, the next segment is not made up. I swear to God it's the truth.

I am playing a little looser, but am up to $64. I play Q-10, and after the river card I'm sitting on 3 queens. The pot was a little over $20 at the time. My opponent bets $20, and I slide the bet slider to go all in, and am just about to hit the bet button (F3), when it clicks in my head that there's 3 clubs on the board. I pause rethinking his bet.

Then I sneeze.

And I accidentally hit F3. I didn't take my hand off the keyboard. I make the bet.

Again, I'm not making this up.

I lose to a flush. All my winnings are gone.


I realize in the scheme of things, losing $100 is nothing to a lot of people here. But it's the way I lost it that left me in a tailspin mentally. And it was much of my bankroll there.

After about an hour of cooling down, I've tried to look back on it. Did I go into this all wrong? I still feel good about my strategy. I didn't get many cards all night, but it seemed every time I got a good hand, it got crushed. And that left me totally unsure the other times.

At least the story has a little happy ending. I just finished second in a $5+50 SnG, so that's $15 back in there.

Anyways venting over. Time to climb that long road back to a bankroll again via SnG's. And I pray my casino ring game experience is not as bad as this night's ring game experience was.
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i don't think your strategy was flawed at all...if everything you posted it god's honest truth then you played well...these things happen to everyone...i think it was an issue of BankRoll managment...look at it this way...there are guys on this site who have or are going through 4-8 buy in i always advocate the maximum buy in...$50 in the game you are playing...problem is, when you only had 2 1/2 buy ins...not nearly enough...

now the biggest problem w/ PokerRoom (until recently it was the only place i've played) is that their smallest game is 25NL...

the general rule is to have 20 buyins for your selected game...which at the time you started you did...for the $5 SnG's...i'd stick to what you're winning and when you get to the casino just play you're best game...i consider SnG's more challenging than ring games b/c the stacks aren't as deep and you have to worry about escalating blinds...just play you're best game and i don't think you'll have a problem...
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i can totally see that sneeze thing happen to me too.

you had a good read on that probably flush and some divine intervention just wanted you to loose it.

You played these Hands correctly i guess (aside from that all in call on the 5 on river, but WHO in their right mind would fold that ?, you may have bet more then 5$ into that 15$ pot with two pairs, to chase out anything like QJ QT JT and to make it clear to that 55 JJ TT that YOU have that Ace for real..);

aside from practicing i can only give you that advice:stick to your winning Grounds.
If you have an edge in these Come and Foes, Hit and Rolls or whatever, then stick stick stick it to them.

My friend just has this Problem too, muttering about "hm i m down 40 today, maybe i m not that good at this as i thought, does anything of Poker ever make sense? Can i win Money ?" ..
I try and get not tooooo angry but this guy has started with Poker last year November (when my Upswing was on an absolute High) has won and lost a lot of Money for ppl with no job and now found out he CAN own, boy i hope this isnt too long winded; literally (sp?) STOMP Heads-Up Enemys with very few Informations.
He turned 50$ in 3$ and 5$ Heads Ups (??) into 200$ in one Week.
If these Other Guys wouldnt suck out so much he could have 500.

YOU may just have this Edge on the Sit and Goes, so dont bother with Cash Games, dont go all Crazy about certain DonSwings. GAME ON !

PS Assorted Craploads of Heads-Up suckouts: he fold fold folds then get AK on SB and fills, guy went all in with 10 7 for whatever reason, call flop 10 7 xxx
He flops two pair with 68, other guy moves all in with Q high, turn q river something else doubles -> game over
and so on, i m glad this isnt happening to me, because iwould break a record mark with all these unbelievable butt-moves resulting in wins
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There's $9.50 back. Payouts for those are $25/15/10, of course, minus the $5.50 entry.
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Zolaboy has hit the nail on the head - your problem is bankroll management. When you play a SnG you pay your $5 up front - you push all-in with Aces and get busted by 9s, you're out of the tourny but you are only down $5. You do the same at a ring table, you are down a buy-in.

You're strategy is fine, but you will face much greater varience at ring games simply because you are putting all your money up on a hand, rather than all your chips that cost you $5 to buy.

You sat down at too high a level for your bankroll, and a couple of bad beats and a sneeze cleaned you out (literally). You need a bankroll to manage the downswings - I recently had a downswing of 6 buy-ins in three days - so try the lower levels.
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Thanks for the replies. I 100% agree with the bankroll issue. It didn't hit me until then just how little $100 is in the poker world. You can read it all you want, but until you experience it, I don't think one can truly grasp that concept fully. Even at 50 cents a blind, the numbers add up quickly, and one mistake (or bad break) is all it takes.

The good news for me is that, in real life, losing the $100 is not an issue. Especially since it wasn't mine to begin with, but the money I play poker with is totally disposable income. There are no real life needs attached to it. But the counter to that is that I'm an ultra-competitive person. That's definitely the main source of the frustration of last night.

Rationally I know that you're gonna lose big hands even if you play it right. That's poker. That didn't prevent me from having a "what the hell just happened" moment though.

Today I just "got back" another $20 with a first place sit and go finish. So I also agree with you guys that I need to stick where I seem to be having success. I doubled up with KK in the first hand, and doubled up again in the third hand with JJ beating AA and 77 by getting a third jack on the flop. That hand probably had some "sneeze karma" in it I'd like to think.

I'm going to be playing a home game with some friends in the next few weeks, and a couple of them are pretty good for amateurs, so that's another chance to get more ring game practical experience before I go to the casino in July.
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