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Bush is under so much scrutiny because of the "drive by media" Who rather than practicing Jurnalism, look round for a story that people might be intrested in and blow it out of proportion and don't listen to the facts, This has happened with Cindy Sheehan Valeria Plame and alot of what is in the news. Even with the Duke Lacrosse. The non sports media took to it because of the racial issues in Durham and again tried to expliot them. From what I have heard from peple that I know who know someone in Durham, it not as big an issue as portrayed in the news
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Air is rigged!
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Bush is under so much scrutiny because the guy is an idiot, sorry i can't think of a better word for it, but to see a man who is supposedly the most powerful man in the world made to look like a clown jester by the media, by the genral public and most importantly, by himself just makes me look on in disbelief.

Somebody mentioned earlier that he was the best man for the job at the time......are you telling me out of the 300 million (or however many) people in america, he was the best man.......i'm guessing that there are many posters on this board who are more intelligent than he is.
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