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Default Playing middle-low pairs with a loose table

How do you guys open with middle-low pairs on a loose table? My general strategy, be it wrong or right, is to call the BB if there's no raise and take a flop. Should there be a raise, as long as it's no more than 3XBB, i'll call it. The problem i frequently have is being at a loose table UTG, or opening, making a bet and having the whole table call. invariably, someone with KQ, KJ, JT or some other unmade hand will call preflop and usually hit. What to do?
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Do you play 6-max or full ring? I'm more of a 6-max limit player myself, but I've tried a few hands at SH NL these past few days just because limit's been a bit frustrating. Usually if I'm UTG, I'll open raise 3-4x BB, knowing that anyone who calls behind me has 2 overcards a pocket pair, or is just a donkey (but more often than not the first 2). If I'm in LP, I'm definitely raising 3x BB to steal. I'll leave the post-flop decision making skills to you.
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In a loose table, raise preflop more often with middle pairs, but you may have to increase the size of your raise based on the table. At some tables, 3-4xBB is appropriate, others maybe 6-8x. If you can get away with limping with small pairs, that is fine. Try to hit a set. If you are likely to face a raise behind you and have a positional disadvantage, you may just want to let it go.
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