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Default Help to save bankroll

I was wondering if any of you guys had advice for avoiding tilt. I believe I can be a winning poker player but I can seem to stay off tilt. I play mostly SnG's and some ring games at party poker and I do fairly well in them, but when I get that game where I don't get the hands, or I miss flops all day and bust out, I always find myself going to blackjack and losing the rest of my bankroll, trying to get the money back I believe I shouldn't have lost. I know that people say just go for a walk or do something else, but that doesn't help me. The thought is in my mind for hours after and I just wanna get back to the computer ASAP to play again. Any help would be apreciated but I just don't wanna hear "bad beats are part of the game", or "do something else to get your mind off it".
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Well how do you expect us to teach you discipline? It is something that you honestly are going to have to develop on your own. So the only decent advice is blow off your steam on a play money table. Play as idiiotic as you want, get it out of your system and then go back and play at the real tables once you are level headed.
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Step 1: Don't play Blackjack online. Ever. If you have an offline bankroll for B&M. Don't play Blackjack. Ever.

Step 2: Learn to know when you are on tilt. You can know this by a specific action, perhaps you do something you know you never do, like playing Q7o in a cash-game. It can also be a mindset. For me, if I find myself wanting to win a pot(and not wanting to make the right play), I know I'm on tilt.

Step 3: If you are on tilt. STOP! And don't play anything as long as you wan't to win your money back.

I know this sounds silly to you, but what do you really wan't to hear? That we have some secret techniques that will magically take you off tilt, like "Take a short break", or "Think positive, you will win in the long run"?

I'm not saying it's a bad thing to take a break after a beat or to have the right mindset while playing poker. I'm saying that it will just do you no good if you don't have to emotional control to really stop you from tilting, then you will just take a break, think you have done what "you should", and still be on tilt and lose your money.

You have to get to know the symptoms and then just stop. If you really wan't to play to win your money back two days later. Don't. To a new player(I'm talking, "not pro for several years now", new) there is no magic trick to stop tilt. You just have to stop. During your break you can use different techniques to get over it sooner. When you are over it. Then you can play. If you tilt again. Stop. As time goes by the breaks you take will be shorter and shorter, or you may just not tilt, because you know then you have to stop playing.

I'm not claiming to be an expert and I too suffer from tilt, but I can't see any other way to deal with it then this. Learn to identify it. Once you do it is really up to you. You know you have to stop. You don't have any excuse to keep on playing. You can't convice yourself that "I will just take his money later, I'm really not mad". You know you should stop. If you can't do it it's just a lack of self-discipline and there is nothing we can say that will help you.

I'm sorry if I'm sounding harsh, becaouse I'm not trying to be rude. I just think that there are way too many people who fool you into thinking you can somehow just control tilt. I think you just have to stop. As you gain experience you will get over it in lesser time, which will result in more poker.

If anyone thinks I'm just full of it then please, do comment. I won't take offence. I just know that if I could go back in time and tell myself this, I would.
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Everybody tilts, it's just a part of the game. I know you don't want to hear it but tmp is 100% right. You just have to stop for a while and take a break.

here is what I do when I sense I am tilting. Some of these may sound stupid to you but it works for me.

1) masterbate to your favorite sears catalog<<<<<<< just kidding

seriously though,

1) The obvious one is to walk away.

2) play tight, extremely tight. Sometimes I'll just wait for a solid hand in good position. I'll fold those hands I love to play, like suited connectors or open ended connectors.

If I don't hit the flop I might check more, this helps because if you lose the hand it will make you feel better that you didn't put much into the pot.

3) Stop and go watch poker, read a poker magazine or a book about poker. If you decide to read a book just read something on basic strategy, don't read anything advanced. This is not a time to try someone elses tricks, it could cost you a lot. I think "Theory of poker" is a pretty good one to read on tilt because it explains more about small pot play, checking and folding. Reading a book that tells you to play aggresive may cause you to play too aggressive and you'll lose more money.

4) This one may sound stupid but it works for me. I like to lay back and just imagine my self teaching someone else how to play. This works best for me because it reminds me of how I play winning poker. It's almost like a review of how you win and you'll notice things your doing wrong.

5) review each hand in your hand history, try to figure out what you would have done different to maximize your value. Poker tracker has a feature where you can replay your hands. This is a great way to watch yourself play and notice huge mistakes.

6) play a low limit or freeroll MTT and play it like a rock, it will give you the feeling of playing and if you lose it's not much money. You'll be able to tighten up and relax a little. And if your playing like a rock you'll last longer, just remind yourself that AI is not a play. You may not win but at least you'll last long and it will keep you from donking away your chips at a bigger limit.

I suffer from tilt a lot, but I have learned to control it. One of my biggest mistakes is reading someone elses strategy and trying to change my game. That's why I say to read a book on basic strategy and not anything advanced.

Gambling on some other game is not going to solve anything. That's one of the first signs of a gambling problem. Play something else your good at like chess or backgammon etc. Or like ishbu3116 said, go play on a free money table and blow off your steam.

There are many ways to deal with tilt but you have be able to notice when your tilting and start there, it's all about discipline. Good Luck.

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Too tired for poker
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Lots of good advice above, so try and take advantage of it.

My tried and tested method is to go and play micro limit SnG. Then I play like a maniac, make crazy all-in bluffs and generally work off my anger until I go bust.

I might play two or three like this, until I get it out of my system. That way it has only cost me about $5 and reminds me that poker is a game, should be enjoyed and not taken too seriously.

Then I will play a couple of micro SnG properly to remind myself that I can indeed play winning poker. At this point I am ready to return to the grind that is bankroll building.

Tilt happens to everyone (see the post on 2+2 regarding Phil Ivey going on tilt and losing about $100k in three hands of Omaha) and there is no magic formula.

But a definate no-no is trying to play your way through it. If you play when you are desperate to win money back, you will lose more - period.
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If you play at Party Poker, they now have the option of setting a 24 hour or 7 day cooling off period, where they won't let you log in to the site. If you think you are playing on tilt and/or have a gambling problem, it is good to take advantage of the cooling off period when you have a moment of sanity. Good luck!
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Skid 1
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Skid 1
Default Tilt according to Skid 1

Originally Posted by synergy View Post
I was wondering if any of you guys had advice for avoiding tilt. Any help would be apreciated .
Ok , Tilt is Tilt is Tilt......But you have never experienced - ( and I hope you never do ) - a three year tilt like I have been riding . , And of course all the forum junkies here will just tell you that Skid 1 is an idiot player without a clue ., But I am here to tell you that -there is such a thing & I live it daily !!

From day one - ( July of 2003 ) - I have been on a constant "donkey" induced tilt , and no matter how I played em- there was always some jack-off who watched the WPT on TV and thought he was a poker pro & chased that 2-8 suited vs. my KK all the way to the bottom of my stack.
After 2 years & 11-1/2 months of it , I finally said "THATS IT".......I won't take it no more !!

Poker is in my blood & been there for 10 years and the only way to stop playing poker I guess would be a blood tranfusion., But I had to do something.

So I took a 1 week break from poker & anything about poker , I shot Pool online & threw Darts online for small cash ( because I am a gambler & it will literally take a coffin to pull that off me.)

But nevertheless I did take a break & when I came back to online poker I felt pretty good about my game - ( because a break will do that to you , it will make you forget ).......And as I entered my first MTT trny online at UltimateBet , I was busted out of that trny on the very first hand when i held QQ & some donkey ( you know the one that induces tilt ) calls my 5X pre-flop raise with 8-9 and the first two cards come out 9-8 and the rest is history.

Maybe I played it right ? - - Maybe I played it wrong ? - - Who cares ?

The facts are , If the tilt is getting you down in the dumps & you find there is nowhere to go & you are sick & tired of a bunch of frigg'n donkey flush chas'n ding-bats with a dream -that keep banging away at your stack, only after you have built it up with your own "good play".

So the "Break' didn't do it & the Play Chip tables didn't do it & Kicking the Dog never works.

So I believe there is nothing left to do but "Laugh".......Yes I do mean LAUGH !!

YOU HAVE TO FIND THE "HUMOR" MY FRIEND.,Or you will go crazy in this online poker world thats full of "Granny Petunia's & Farmer Joe Bob Jack-Off's" that have 50 dollars & a TV and think they are poker pro's.

I know this reply I am posting will probably be dubbed "A bunch of Crap" again from Skid 1 , But I am Laughing at that also !!........The Donkey's may have a Dream ,But they can't Steal my Laugh.

Skid 1.......Still Giggles.

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The Doyle
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Here's a good way to avoid tilt. Go sign up for the cheapest heads up SnG you can find. Go all-in every hand until it's over. Do it again until the tilt is gone.

Better yet, do a heads up limit SnG and just jam every street. You get more hands to play and I find that just clickly raise in an angry manner makes me feel much better.
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Synergy: there is a lot of very good advice here...take it...and you'll stop seeing your profits being thrown away

Skid 1: i understand that you are mentally unstable from "10 years of perfect poker" where you "went in with the best hand 90% of the time" and kept getting sucked out on by "donkey raping homosexuals chasing after straights" or whatever...but stop clogging these forums with your sob stories...
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River Rat
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thanks alot guys, this advice has already helped me.
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