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Originally Posted by XA_kid View Post
If the OP had more money, you could make a case for reraising more (I would have made it $1.75-2), but his raise isn't that bad. He wants to get all of his money in with that stack against an isolated opponent and that's what he did. I don't think that this qualifies as a AA got cracked by slowplaying story at all.

Remember, you have to factor in stack sizes into play.
Preface this with a clear understanding on my part that you are a lot better a player than I am.

I understand and agree with you on your ending statement, but I also still submit that his small reraise was almost a lock to get called by the initial bettor and thus gives no insight to what hands he may be up against. Not that preflop betting tells you all that much sometimes, but here you get nothing more in terms of information.

There's a wide range of hands that will raise 3xBB in online poker. A lot fewer are willing to shove 10xBB in though, especially once raised. And anyone willing to raise 3xBB will call a 2xBB raise, even if they were bluffing to begin with.

If he's willing to go for it all early on and the hand works out like that, so be it. And it ends up he had the low end of the premium hands so a call of a bigger bet was guaranteed. But at least you have a better idea of what you are up against and can play it as such, or you take the absolute best hand preflop and force him to make an early decision to go for it all.

I think this is an example of the saying "aces will win you a small pot, or lose you a big pot" comes from.
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I think the reraise was too small, too. I would have push PF with such a short stack and a raise in front of me.

Why are you playing with such a short stack, BTW?
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rcb17, my point was that a small reraise isn't that big of a mistake with that stack because when I am that short, I don't really care what my Opponent has, I just want to get my money in. A better line would be to reraise to $2 (which will keep him in the pot) and leaves you $6 in a $4+ pot. I would bet $2 on a dry flop, or push all-in on a drawish flop.

Normally a min-raise is a bad move because of the implied (and direct) odds given, but here the reverse implied odds are high enough to make it not that big of a mistake.
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