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Default multi-tabling...

I've tried in numerous times but not had much success...
I've been having quite success with SnGs... currently trying to build a nice bankroll. Atm I'm sticking to small buy-ins of 5+.5.
I have tried playing 2 or 3 at once thinking I'd be able to handle it but it turns out I'm not really...

When I am playing one table I can watch for what the other players are doing and thus have an advantage when the tourny gets short-handed. When I play 2 tables I can't follow things so well anymore, I'm playing more sort of 'automatic' letting the situation at the table and my cards dictate what to do, but I can't react to how someone is betting at me since I haven't been observing him...

I'd like some tips from the more experienced players. When can you consider yourself good enough for multi tabling and what advice can you give...
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Try using something like PokerTracker with PAHUD or Poker Office.

When multitabling you do sacrifice a little bit of ROI for $/hr but the point is that as you can play a lot more SnGs theoretically you can build a roll faster.
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When you find yourself able to keep track of all the players at one table and read your email and read ptips articles and watch TV....add a table.
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It took me 3 attempts to be able to multi table but once I could do 2 I found it easy to do 4 and then 6, the key is just making the first jump. Unfortunately there is no magic way to suddenly become good at multi tabling (although I found it hard to accept when I was first trying), its basically down to practice.

My advice is to just keep trying, I would suggest dropping down a limit just until you feel comfortable, I know this is probably not what you want - I didn't take this part of the advice very well when it was given to me but the last thing you want to do is dent your bankroll because you are learning a new skill.

Finally to multi table I think it is important to have a good awareness of common situations that you will encounter and know how to handle them, its important to ditch trouble hands early like AT utg because with that small loss of player specific info those hands can lose you a lot of chips. Just keep things simple to start with by dropping down a limit and playing solid poker and then expand your game and go back to your normal limits when you feel comfortable. I hope this helps.
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I'm kinda new at multi-tabling and have found that adding the 2nd table, especailly with Gametime's help, wasn't that hard. It's the 3rd and 4th tables that are problems and i began to notice I wasn't paying attention (accidentally hitting call when i thought it was check etc) as much as I should so playing at 2 for the moment while I get used to it.

Agree with shads here

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