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I've been cold decked for three table hours. I have my made hands sucked out on or everyone folds to my raise. I was playing five card draw; it's 97.3:1 to hit a full house after drawing three to a pair. It happened three times. My personal favorite was when a guy drew three to AK and made a royal flush. Almost as good as drawing four to an ace and making trips. I've had set over set, straight vs better straight, etc, etc. I pick off bluffs routinely; "Oh, he drew two but limped predraw; he has something like aces and is trying to get me to fold. Oh, he hit two pair. Must be nice." That happened a lot too.


I actually like the game, and most people who play it are awful, but variance is a cast iron son of a bitch. In hold'em, the worst beats are generally two or three outers. In draw, you can get nailed by one in a hundred. .
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