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Default wondering

I was playing .25/.5 last night and been very aggressive at this this table all night.

I am the dealer and every limps in, I got A J of spades. I raise it up to 2.5..

BB calls and UTG everyone else folds.

Pot= $9.5

Flop comes 5 clubs 7 spades 8 spades

BB bets $6, UTG calls and I call.


Turn come 5 clubs 7 spades 8 spades J clubs

BB goes all in $48, UTG folds

I folded, didnt like my chances I never catch so wasnt worth it. He claimed he had queens which I didn't believe, he was rather tight player so I figured a set and he led out cause spades scared him, then with 2 callers he decided he was happy with the pot, should I have called?

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Looks like J8 to me. Since you have the J of spades he isn't pushing with a turned top pair + flushdraw and the way he bet 3/4 the pot on the flop and then pushes on the turn looks more like 2p than a set. QQ would virtually never flat call behind a bunch of limpers and a 2.5BB raise.

Unless this guy is a total drunken maniac or something you can't call.
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