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TWLLM'ing My Showdowns
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Default Well That's A Desicion Made...

The roll's going on Party the moment I can get off the friggin Interpoker Bonus chasing nightmare (Sadly that's about 2 months away and i may be insane by then....current estimates make it 55 days until's gonna be a close one)

Party very obligingly gave me $15 recently so I decided to go back to what was my old stomping grounds and see if anything was different, in the end it's free money so what the hey!!

BUT I'S GOT BACKDOOR FLUSH DRAW!!! I don't really know what I can say about this one, just watch and admire.

Way to get value from your Flush Draw sir...putting all the money in when behind and getting nothing when ahead...awesome. He'd been playing pretty honestly post-flop up to this point so his flat calling made it pretty obvious he was on a draw of some sorts. With the river putting 3 to a straight and 3 to a flush up though discretion was the better part of valour here (since he's probably have folded a non-Ace pair on the turn and deffo on the river so no value from the bet, only hand paying me off is 79 or A7, which raises the turn or 89 highly unlikely)

WHHHHYYYYYY????!!! Just why? Is this where my strategic folding of no pair/ no draw hands paid off and he labelled me a folder? And I thought this guy was honest!!! Fodling to my 3-bet on the flop or calling it and folding the turn seems a lot more reasonable.

"I'm gonna push him I'm such a badass". This one did have me a tad worried though especailly considering he plays virtually any 2 especailly is s00ted, but I'd seen he was full of crap just one too many times.

So, in a nutshell, I want more....even if occaisionally it does bite you in the ass with ZOMGBACKDOORFLUSHDRAAAAAWWW!!!


*Trudges back to Interpoker for more hot 3 out action......which is still twice as many as the BACKDOORFLUSHDRAAAAAWWW!!!*


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