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Default I love bodog

Because of folks like this guy :

bodog 5c/10c daperfectnut is sitting in mp with $37.5

folds to him he open-raises to 35c.

im sitting on the cut-off with two red aces and move in for $20

folded around..he thinks for a while than.....calls $19.65 with Kc Th. KTo ffs )

Board comes 9s 9d 8c Jc (now im shaking due to his oesd) 6c and i double up.

Some background :

previous hand i was on the button with 99. it's a multiway pot with a small raise in there and people bet weak to me on the turn on a 7s 3d 6c board, i pot it and everyone folds except my guy. I pot it on the turn 8d knowing im ahead of his range, and make it 6.6$ to go leaving 0.15c behind. He makes a crying call. River is a 9h he takes a while then bets my last 15c. i call and he shows me Js 3s for bottom pair ) and i more than double up to $20. Quadrupling up in 2 hands is the shit!

A few hands ago i made it 35c to go ep with 99, shorty moved in for $2.5 and villain called with T9o so i knew he was a donk )
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This is one of those players whos name you should write down, and search out every session
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