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Default Big balls

This hand is probably going to look like a spew..but still it feels great when it works.

Im sitting at a 5c/10c table on bodog and we're playing 8 handed. I've been around for just an orbit or two, got a moderate image,meaning im not seen as a maniac nor as a rock yet.

My history with the villain is a hand that happened an orbit ago. I was on the cutoff with 99 and i potted it after a couple of limpers. VIllain called in the blinds and 2 limpers called. Flop A84 with 2 hearts, checked around to me i decide to go for a 2/3 pot cbet. Villain calls, rest fold. Turn is a blank he checks. Now im pretty sure he's on a flush draw so i go for 2/3 pot again, looking to check behind the river when he misses. He calls, river blanks i check behind he turns over AQ. So he check-called 2 streets and checked the third with top pair second kicker.

Now the hand

Im sitting on 10.60c (long live reloads) on the button with 6c 7c. Villain has me covered and open-limps utg. A noob checks his dead blind then 2 more people limp to me. I decide to raise these limpers out of the pot, or isolate and cbet one/two of em. So i pot it to 75c. Blinds fold and limpers fold, except villain who calls me.

Flop : 8s Ks Ac (1.95c)

He leads out for a pot sized bet!!!!

Now..this would be an easy fold..but i have to use my read on the vilain. He check-called me with TPGK on a ragged board on all strrets, and he's seen me happy to bet two of em with a middle pair. So why on earth would he want to bet me out of the pot with a pot sized bet here? I put him on a weak hand, maybe KQ, maybe a weak ace. Im not really sure what i put him on, but i know that he'd probably not beat TPGK.

So i raise to $5. He takes a little while and decides to call me.

Turn : 2d (11.95$) He checks.

With me sitting on $4.85 i felt that and the turn card being a complete blank i felt that a bet here would be worthless. The other thread in the beginners corner has me convinced that multiway big bluffs are bad for me, so when he called the flop i had pretty much given up on the hand. I decide to check again.

River : Ts (11.95$) making the board 8s Ks Ac 2d Ts

He takes ages (12 seconds according to hh) then leads out for 1.65$,

Now this bet realy screamed weakness. I had weakness from him all the way. He just called preflop, then bet uncharacteristically on the pot, just called my raise (why wouldnt a set put me in there?), checked the turn and made a silly small bet on the river. More importantly, the situation from the turn has changed. Now the flush draw got there and more of my perceived range beats him. The fact that he check-called that AQ hand tells me that he'll probably not take a look at the pot odds my bet wil give him, so my small stack wasnt a problem any more.

SO i shove for $4.85 (3.2$ more).

12 seconds later during which i was already happy (i knew that since he was thinking he will statistically fold often enough for the play to be +ev) he folded and i took down a $15.18 pot ($18.40 counting the uncalled $ i was giving him what..6-1 )

I sadly had auto-muck on and didnt get a chance to show the hand, but im thinking that it's good that i didnt humiliate the man after taking his money .
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