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Originally Posted by Doza View Post
You know..thats a very good question. Thing is that i have this dumb idea that i have to mostly play my made hands exactly like my bluffs to keep em both credible. I dont do this with all hands, but i'll often do it.

in a spot like this one i'd play AQ like i played this hand because there really isnt much value in slowplaying this. If the guy has another ace it's a done deal, and with AK/AQ im happy to stack off a lower ace. With AJ i might still run into lower aces often enough.

For the non-ace tipe of hands my opponent basically has to answer a simple question : "Do i have the ace". If he's thinking that i do have one he'll mostly fold. If he thinks that i dont have one he'll call me down regardless of what i bet, so better to have him call huge bets than small bets.

My mistake is that when i actually have the ace people go "uh oh why on earth would he play the ace like that" and call me down, exactly the oposite of what i want to achieve here. With the villain not having a long history with me, he cant possibly know my line so he's fallen for the first trick (i look like im bluffing).

I think that i should start playing bluffs more like a bad player would value bet and less like i would value bet myself, unless i have a lot of history with the guy.

Or..basically what i hope im good (read: lucky) enough to be doing now, i can pick my spots well enough that overall im winning, dispite playing bluffs like made hands. Even if i get caught once, i'll be value betting the next couple of times and the fella will call me light.

Ps: i admit the pf call was really donkish.
OK, here's the deal. You are playing very low limits. So am I currently BTW. You should not ever be making big bluffs period, end of story. Seriously. Just don't make a big bluff. They are -EV at these limits and most others for that matter.

You said that you want your bluffs and your made hands to look the same. But, as I said, this is counterintuitive. You want to get paid for made hands. You want folds for bluffs. You cannot expect different results from the same action. It doesn't work that way.

But, that doesn't mean - don't bluff. It also doesn't mean that your thoughts about having bluffs and made hands look the same are wrong. It just means you are applying the concept at the wrong time and for way too much money. The concept you are talking about - bluffs looking like made hands - is totally viable when you are semi-bluffing and continuation betting. This is where being aggressive and making small bluffs on earlier streets wins you a lot of money. Since micro-limit players tend to not be aggressive enough, when you are making lots of little bluffs earlier that look like you made a hand, the micro limit player can't distinguish your TPTK hands from your flush draw hands. When you bluff at the hand on an earlier street, villains will lay down enough to get you some small wins, villains will call and give free cards when you are drawing, villains will weakly call your big hands down, sometimes villains will get frustrated and play back at you when you hold a monster. You win stacks with these kind of plays for a small investment compared to a giant bluff at the end. So, small earlier bluffs keep you afloat and can win stacks for you while big bluffs on the river don't win you stacks and can easily lose you your stack.

My advise. Make smaller bluffs earlier that set up big hands and win stacks. Don't make big bluffs later that lose you your stack.

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