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Default Fish brain

This is the way you should *NOT* think. It's genius how poker does hides all your mistakes and gives you things to blaim.

The hand and then some chat.

bodog 5c/10c 9max
im sitting in the bb with QJs
villain is utg+1, sitting on 3.4$ and open-raises to 55c
tight villain calls in lp with a full stack
im a fish , im bored (i hadnt played a hand for ages) and i like how JQs looks..and decide to call.
Flop : 498 rainbow.
I check=> ok im a stupid fish and called with QJ oop. ..
Villain takes a while and bets 1.3$
The other guy folds

Now i decide that there's a big chance this guy doesnt have a big pocket pair and is probably cbetting weak here. Even if he's got something i've got a gutshot so im not tottally dead. And i put him in, basically raising 1.7$ more.

He instacalls with 77. Look at it 77. Even if i was a donk and played A9 preflop, or heck even J9o i would be ahead here. Only thing he's ever beating is a bluff. Im not the table maniac so theres no reason for him to think im bluffing..yet he calls with 3rd pair.. Heck..even most straight draws have overcards here...

I river a J and take it down. NOw..look what he understood from the hand.

PurplKush: THis is * ridiculous you had nothing retard
Dooper300: ty
Dooper300: lol.....
Guvid: nothing is the nuts around here
PurplKush: Thats * true
PurplKush: omg
Dooper300: purpl....bodog loves dumb players, you hate river rats dont play here
Smilefxr: u watch nuthin win and next thing u know..
Dooper300: lol
PurplKush: Bodog is insane sh t
hexxxs9112: i neeed sum kush
Smilefxr: never played big money tables.. is it the same up there?
Dooper300: lmao
Dooper300: see?
PurplKush: im gonna write down all my bad beats and break some records!
PurplKush: very possible
Dooper300: everytime there is a set,,,somebody will rat out a flush or straight
Dooper300: and unlike a real money game you cant bet them off of it cuz of idiots like hexxxx....lmao
PurplKush: fak ya it happend to me like 6 different times in the past 30 mins
hexxxs9112: lol
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you play bad -> stop bluffing at nl10
jayhawkhoops: you're a remarkably talented player, ChilloutNoob. i wish you weren't so rude ... but maybe if i was as good as you, i'd be doing the same. it must be fun knowing that you're better than anybody else at the table, so i really can't blame you
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Originally Posted by ChilloutNoob View Post
you play bad -> stop bluffing at nl10
im $13 away from moving to nl25. so i'll stop blufing at nl10
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Default The highs of low stakes Omaha

(Edit, I thought I was starting a new thread for this. Sorry for the hijack....)


Been waiting for a session like this for a while. 25PLO FR on BoDog. I sit in with 25, one guy I know is a donk is at 119. Another guy (donk #2) is at 126. Rest of the full table is around 20-30. Only reason I sat in is because I've cleaned out Donk #1 a few times before.

First hand I play is KQsKJ on the button. MP raises to 1, 7 people call. Flop is K84 rainbow. Check to Donk #2, who bets pot. Donk #1 calls. I call. Turn is a blank. Donk #2 bets pot again. Donk #1 reraises pot. I go all in, Donk #2 calls. River is a 3, giving Donk #1 Aces up with 3's (he had AQ38 unsuited in pocket). He takes a minimal side pot from Donk #2, who went all the way with a pair of 8's. I'm already up to 75.

I fold until I am in the SB, with 5 limpers in, Donk #1 makes it 1 to go. He's a notorious preflop raiser with any high pair in hand. I call with Qc8cQsTs, as do 4 others including Donk #2.

Flop is Jc9cTc. Straight flush, but I hate that flop figuring I'll get no action. Boy was I wrong. I check, it checks to Donk #2 who makes it 3.50 to go. Folds to Donk #1 who min-reraises to 7. I flat call as does Donk #1. Turn is the 4c, I check again, Donk #2 bets pot, Donk #1 reraises pot, I call (taking most of my stack to do so), Donk #2 pushes all in (he now has 89 dollars in this pot), Donk #1 calls it, leaving him with 15 left. And I call all in of course (I still was the third biggest stack at the time).

I triple up to just under 225, Donk #1 at least had the Ac for his flush. Donk #2 had Kc for his. What an idiot, how can you think someone doesn't have the Ace?

This definitely helped the climb back up to rebuilding that bankroll...
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