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read your post again... you will notice a word that comes a few times... ' I '

YOU can make these kind of laydowns, you dont like these kind of flop with aces, etc.
Dont think your perception on any situations is the same for everybody. That will be very expensive.

Youve been around for a while... Didnt you noticed people dont lay down overpairs at 25NL ?
Sure if the board sucks, they will slow down and enter the C/C mode, but they wont fold. Here you go! Now you can save a lot of chips by folding when you put people on overpairs
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Gus is right. I used to expect people to play the way I do, but it just doesn't work that way.

It's a lot of fun to categorize people into different groups, and then play back with the appropriate style.
Why the "it will take so long"-attitude? You'll be playing poker. I suppose you enjoy that, right?
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Originally Posted by Doza View Post
This is the tipe of board i really dont want to see when im holding aces really. I get paniced when i see it and sometimes i'll fold if i get a lot of action (with aces im raising the flop and folding to a 3bet). You're telling me it's such a big laydown? I mean..all he has is an overpair....and it's not even AA/KK....
The thing is, he didn't raise the flop and didn't face a 3 bet. He just faced 3 straight medium sized bets, which would be the same amount required to raise the flop and call a 3 bet, by calling down he put in the same amount but saw to a showdown. Not liking a board and folding is a different thing.

Its a big laydown because on average it is -EV to lay this down at this level because of the wide range of hands his oppponents will have. He has to go against the grain to make this fold and will need evidence to break his normal pattern. Whether he is even capable of seeing that evidence is unkown. It is possible he is but he saw that you suffered from fancy play syndrome in an earlier session and made a note.
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