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Default Confusing hand...

Please note that he INSTA call the flop raise.

You see a couple of hands like that and you simply stop trying to understand. He probably just hates money.

Texas Hold'em $6-$6 NL (Real Money), #573,008,246 Table Blacky00.'s HE, 10 Jul 2007 8:31 PM ET Seat 1: sleipner 35 ($355.40 in chips) Seat 4: Al4Ace ($573.60 in chips) Seat 6: memooo18 ($72.10 in chips) Seat 7: sweetster ($162.25 in chips) Seat 8: van basten1 ($556.85 in chips) ANTES/BLINDS
memooo18 posts blind ($3), sweetster posts blind ($6).

van basten1 bets $12, sleipner 35 folds, Al4Ace bets $45, memooo18 folds, sweetster folds, van basten1 calls $33.

FLOP [board cards KS,8C,7C ]
van basten1 bets $50, Al4Ace bets $150, van basten1 calls $100.

TURN [board cards KS,8C,7C,JC ]
van basten1 bets $100, Al4Ace calls $100.

RIVER [board cards KS,8C,7C,JC,AS ]
van basten1 bets $125, Al4Ace calls $125.

van basten1 shows [ 3H,4H ]
Al4Ace shows [ QH,AC ]
Al4Ace wins $846.
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