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kid hustlr
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Disappointing session today. One of those days where I seemed to lose every important race I was apart of. Oh well it happens. Would of been nice to finish the month on a high before I take my week off.


TILT: 2440
STARS: 531

TOTAL: 10968

So there it is. An increase of about $6500 which I'm very happy about. I feel like I played very well and really utilised my oppurtunities. I play enough poker to realise that when I get lucky, I need to make the most of it because it just doesn't happen all that often. Taking advantage of a bit of luck late in tournaments is vital.

In terms of this log, I think I will end this one as is. Having said that, it seems enough people enjoy reading about my poker that I will start a new log the week after next. Thinking about it now, I want to really look at discussion of certain hands and plays. I will try, within my best efforts, to avoid posting bad beats in my next log. A log should be for strategy and to learn, bad beats happen and there is no point me cluttering up a perfectly good log (blog?). The best way for me to achieve this is to start a new thread and I will do so accordingly.

Some other random thoughts:
It should be noted that whilst I ran well in this log, the month before hand I probably lost roughly 700-800 dollars, it should be clear that I had a very succesful (for me) month.

The most important aspect of tournament play, in my belief, is quiet accumulation. Steal and re-steals to slowly build a stack. I very rarely CALL off my stack in tournament. Further, nines times out of ten, if I get involved in a race, It is because I am called, I very rarely call an all in with a small ppair for example.

Position: I have a good concept of position, but not a great one. I know how to rate my hand. For example, If i am dealt 88 on the big blind, I will muck to an UTG raise (most times) yet in my head I will be thinking, if it is folds to the hi-jack or cut-off I will re-steal here. This is only the correct mindset in part. It is true that the later the pot is opened the larger the range of the player yet it's not as simple as "If the button raises I'm shoving". I need to be aware of the best types of plays for both my hand, and my opponents. For example, a big ace, I will move all in, yet a pocket pair might, at times need to be played different. Such as taking a flop, then moving in, to avoid a 50-50. These are specific examples and only happen on occasion, but being able to manage these slight differences are what will improve my game in the long run. One final point, in regards to the strength of my hand when compared to position. If I know a player is a rock, it doesn't matter what position he is raising from. If he is raising, he is strong. Remember that.

Finally, Skeptix has written a lot about plays. stop and go's go and go's re-steals, steals, 3 bet bluffs 4 bet bluffs etc. etc.

I have learnt that these are only good in part. The higher the buy in, the more effective they can be. Thinking about it now, I have won the mansion 100k twice, and I remember using re-steals so often it was scary. A good player can lay down a good hand. A bad player can't. Because of this, at the smaller buy in levels, I generally play tighter and simply 'play the cards'. I will also allow myself to get a little shorter in a lower standard tournament because I back my ability to get my chips in good more often in these tournaments.

Finally (again..), tournaments are about risk vs reward. It only hit home to me the other day what this actually means. It's more than simply, 'play LAG early to try and build a big stack or bust out'. There are so many factors. For one, you are far better off placing a 2k stack in a pot on a 50-50 then waiting, getting blinded down to 1000 chips to put your chips in at 75%. As well as this, there is no point taking a risk if you can't take advantge of it when you succeed. I will happily 'race' for a big stack around the bubble because I can then utilise my new chips to continue to build my stack. There is very little point in 'risking' early in a tournament in my opinion because whether I have 1500 chips or 2500 chips, I won't play any different.

I have a lot of other thoughts floating around but it will all just come out in a mess. I'm not even sure if the last stuff I wrote made any sense, I hope it did lol.

So that's the end of this log. One week off and I do it all again.
Originally Posted by killcrazy View Post
aw, don't be sad.

"lucky in love, unlucky at cards", you must have bought yourself a fuck by now.
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Very nice last post Kid. I have read every one of yours in this thread and have found it very informative and a good read! Look forward to the next one.
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Very thoughtful and enjoyable last post. I look forward to your next log.
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Great last post Kid! Keep these logs coming because it is great learning material, esp. for a "not-so-experienced" player like myself.

Enjoy your break!

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