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Default First final table of a $4.40. Yea me!

I managed to finish 3rd in only my 3rd 180 man $4.40 SnG on PS. Amazingly, my internet connection went down on the 2nd hand and I only had 9.5BB when it came back up 60 hands later. However, I think I need to give more credit to my opponents horrible play instead of anything I did.

Once blinds hit 75/150 nobody wanted to call a preflop raiser. A short stack was able to steal the blinds 5 times within 12 hands without a showdown at a full table. This allowed me to stay alive and slowly rebuild my stack. Oddly people had no trouble calling AI bets with TPNK or 2nd pair if a flop was dealt.

I had the short stack at the final table, but managed to move up a few places after someone's KK were cracked and someone else couldn't let go of an unimproved AK. I doubled up when my 3bet was called by KJs and my A6o held up (surprised I was called here). I think that put the villain on tilt since he bluffed the flop and when AI on the turn with an unimproved AK the next hand. After losing a race with a short stack, I doubled up when a villain called my flop bet with AQ (overs and a gutshot) and my KK held up. Oddly he folded to a 11k bet on the river into a 50k pot on a 2d Ks 3c 4h 3s board after calling my PF, flop and turn bets. I thought my K9 was going to be out kicked (I still have no idea what he had). I got knocked out in 3rd when I 3bet the big stack AI with AK. The big stack took a while to call with AQ and rivered a Q.

Overall I was happy with my play (except for an atrocious call near the bubble with K high). If my last hand held up I would have been in the chip lead and I think I could have easily taken first. The big stack had near half the chips once we were down to five players and his passive play allowed me to survive. I doubt he would have done any better with the short stack.

The 4.40's appear to be very profitable (although with high variance), unfortunately I probably won't play too many because of 4 hour session needed.

I just wanted to share my experience and thank everyone for the advice posted on these forums.
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Nicely done!
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