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Making Monies
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Let's not get off track here guys.

I will admit I do not know as much about economics as some of you. All I can say is that through the other things he says, and the consistency of his overall platform, I would trust his opinion on this matter over that of a big-money banker and his economist friends.

I thought that your central bank was like the bank of Canada, not 'run' by the government (we don't have legislators setting interest rates b/c that would be ridiculous) but not independent by any means - the chairman is appointed by the federal gov't, right? And it doesn't 'own' the US currency per se, it is just a repository which loans money to the government and others, and of course the loan is at the prime rate of interest.
There is a faux head of the Federal Reserve that is put there by the government. However, that doesn't much matter if the big money interests are in control of BOTH the FED and the President. And they do own the money in the sense that they have the control to both create it and affect it's value through their practice.

With all that said, this issue absolutely pales in comparison to his foreign policy.

And finally, let it be said that it is the principle of this man that I cannot get over. It is his absolute contempt for big government and respect for personal liberty that assures me he is the only person I want in the Oval Office.

Oh, and please to stop with your little faux humor remarks Mr. V. I invented sarcasm, and your version of it is rather inane. If you don't have something productive to add (and I know you do), then please stay out of the discussion.
Skeptix is correct. - MRVEGAS
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