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Default .02/.04 Bb Kk

I'm just learning the game, but I'd like some advice on this hand. I just sat down on the table when I'm dealt KK in the big blind.

BB Hero dealt KK (4.00)
SB Villian1 (1.80)
Button Villian2 (0.40)


4 limpers
SB raises to .08
Hero raises to .28
3 folds
2 calls

AQQ rainbow

SB bets .40
Hero ???

Should i have raised more preflop? reraise/fold on flop?
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Easy fold IMO. Bad Flop for you. While there's no situation I'd fold KK Preflop, this is a fold for me. Raise was ok, you just got a bad flop. At that level it's almost certain someone has the ace.
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You played it well up to there. Good sized reraise preflop which has told your opponent that you have a strong hand. For them to come out and bet the flop after that they must not be worried about your initial reraise. Definite fold.

Of course, it's difficult to put them on a hand because at this limit people can be fairly erratic. This just may be some donk that saw someone bluff once on TV so they think it's the way to win lots of money. If I had to take a wild guess I'd put them on something like AK or AJ.
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