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I love the line as played.
I play mainly FL at the 5/10, and 8/16 levels, and Ive always seen this type of bet to more often than not be a flush draw or a really weak made hand. With the pot size, I can see the villian doing only 2 of the three options that Boomer suggested if you raise. He is either going to three bet you, representing that he might have hit the straight draw or a better hand, or he is going to fold and get no action. I am of the opinion that he would fold to a 3-bet here. Even if by chance he calls you, he shuts down on the river if he misses, and will bet pretty much if he improves only. So I would like to just call, and induce a river bluff if a blank card comes on the river. I have to admit that when I saw the betting pattern, it screamed flush draw.

Just calling is fine
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