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Default Starting the day off right

This isn't anything earth-shattering, but I like to post my good luck to balance out the bad beat threads. For every session where you get cracked early and try to claw back, there's one of these that I had today (No hh because I'm being lazy).

Sit down at a 6-max, wait for blind to come around. I'm dealt 2h4h. One guy limps, the small blind comes in, and I check.

Flop comes As 3h 5h. I picked up the nut straight and a straight flush draw. Yahtzee! Small blind checks, I put out a slightly less than pot-sized bet, hoping someone hit an ace and I get called down to add legitimacy to my continuaton bets later. Instead, the limper shoves, the small blind re-raise shoves, and I break out the fist-pump instacall.

The pre-flop limber hit his set of threes, and the small blind had A10 offsuit (?!?). Two blanks, and I start the session up two buy-ins on a hand I wouldn't have played had anyone raised pre-flop.

Poker is easy!
They are called "outs" because when you need them, they might as well be out of the deck.
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