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Originally Posted by blades1988 View Post
can anybody tell me a good way to play safe on sitngo's 9 seat because i always seem to get stuffed i had AA in my hand i raised to 400 some 1 calls flop came AK7 he goes allin i call he had 66 then last to cards came out 66 that is a joke?
OK, in the spirit of not being shitty to new people.....

You didn't play this hand badly, you just took a bad beat, that's all. So, don't worry about it. However, a few things you might want to consider if you're going to learn and stick around here while you do it:

1. Try to learn the difference between a difficult situation that caused you problems at the table (which this isn't) and a bad beat story disguised as advice on how to play (which this is)

2. If you're genuinely interested in getting some advice then include a proper hand history with stuff like which site you were playing, what stakes, what stack sizes everyone had etc.

3. Try not to moan about how unlucky you are. For every bad beat you take there will be a ton of people here who have better ones so talking about it (at least until you pays your dues) won't get you anywhere (as you will see from the replies above!)

Having said that, welcome, and good luck!

P.S. Punctuation is your friend
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