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Default was this a bad play or did i get unlucky

*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to rapnflow [Ad Qc]Padig: calls $0.25stoppi81: folds Virus3232: folds hawkk67: calls $0.25jpcintra: folds luziferk: calls $0.25Naypoo: folds hyphytate: raises $0.75 to $1rapnflow: raises $7 to $8Padig: folds hawkk67: folds luziferk: folds hyphytate: calls $7*** FLOP *** [9h Jh 5s]hyphytate: bets $24.85 and is all-inrapnflow: calls $5.45 and is all-in*** TURN *** [9h Jh 5s] [4h]*** RIVER *** [9h Jh 5s 4h] [8d]*** SHOW DOWN ***hyphytate: shows [4c 4s] (three of a kind, Fours)rapnflow: mucks hand
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OK, you're doing this a lot. A few tips:

1. Sort out your hand histories - they're hard to read and confusing
2. Have a point - what confuses you about the hand; what do you want to know?
3. Don't always give the full hand history but stop at the point you got confused and ask for help from there
4. Some sort of preamble might be nice - we like a bit of foreplay here instead of just getting straight to the screwing
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I'll help for everyone else left to read: .10/.25 9 handed, Hero has a half-stack,

3 limpers
SB (Villian) raises to $1
BB (Hero) reraises to $8 with AQo
3 folds
SB calls:

J/9/5 rainbow

Villian leads out and puts the Hero all in for his remaining $5.45.
Hero calls

Turn 4
River 8

Villian wins with a set of 4s vs hero's ace high.

Even if you don't use a hand history converter (google it for some options), see how easy that was? Please take Beaks' recommendations to heart for your next post, or you might not get suitable responses.

Thoughts on the hand:

1) Always Always have a full-stack. It is required so that when you make the nuts and your opponent makes the second nuts with a full stack, you can win his entire stack. If you are uncomfortable with losing an entire buy-in on one hand, it is much better to move down limits to .05/.10 than play hald stacked, which puts you in no-mans land while attempting to make decisions during the hand. Also, there are so many poker betting plays you cannot make since you have an in-between stack; its like an (American) football team only having running plays in the playbook or Tiger Woods only carrying irons in his golf bag. Yes they can play but they aren't as effective...

* I'll preface the rest by stating yes, the villian did make a horrible call of your huge reraise preflop, so the following advice will be given as if we are playing a competent player AND you have a full stack. As played, if you were going to reraise *SO* much of your stack, it would have been better to just push all-in, since you were pot committed anyways...

2) Do you have any reads on the villian? Is he aggressive or tight? If you think he may be trying to steal the limpers' blinds or if you think AQ offsuit is ahead of his out of position raising range, then a reraise is in order, generally to three times - 4 times his raise. I personally split the middle and would reraise $3.50. As an added bonus, the reraise serves to isolate you against the original raiser- generally the limpers will fold, and you have position on the original raiser, allowing you to win the pot when three overcards come to his 4s on the flop and you continuation bet (keep in mind you are starting with a full stack now, allowing you to continuation bet on the flop without commiting yourself)

If the villian is tight, then you can either call and fold. You might be reading this and think "Fold? What the hell? Seriously?!", but none of those limpers will fold if you call, and then you'll have A/Q offsuit in a 5 way pot with poor position. Without going into too in-depth analysis here, this scenario sets you up to win a small pot/lose a big one. Based on this, no one here will fault you for choosing to fold AQ if you didn't feel up to reraising it....

There are all kinds of other factors to consider when decising what to do- image of the limpers, stack sizes of the limpers, table dynamics. If you post all the information you have next time/talk about your reads on the table & the players in the hand if would help greatly...

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You can't claim to be unlucky when you were behind the whole time, regardless of how badly the hand was played, so no you were not unlucky. Anyway...

That big re-raise is odd. His stop and go is extremely odd. Everything about this hand is odd. But the favorite won when the money went in. Hope this helps.
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