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Ok, so I called the flop for a number of reasons. I'm not sure if they were good enough, but here they are.

- position
- I think it's relatively unlikely I'm facing a c/r from the first to act in this spot. A preflop raiser c/r'ing two players on a J68 dry board... not very likely.
- It is *possible* I'm getting near freerolled, but being freerolled is only possible if the turn is a non-club 7. So I considered it, but it's not that big an issue.
- My freeroll possibilities, however, are relatively strong if I'm able to hit the Q (or the 7c, obv). Since the flop is super dry flush-wise, barring a non-club running flush, if I'm able to peel a queen I'm looking at some domination on any lower draw. Just because it's not completely obvious, if I hit a Q I'm looking at any 9, T, K, A as nut freerolls, and I can't be getting freerolled. I also considered the running flush, but not as much.

Obviously on the turn its just math - I have 13/14 outs, and there's no worry about being dominated by a better straight draw since there's only 1 card to come. I don't put the preflop raiser on many (if any) blockers, and I expect the flop bettor to have a set or two pair, maybe even a lower straight now, but none of that affects my outs beyond the flush cards that fill the bettor up.

I called river, but I knew it was unlikely I was good at that point. I had put him on j8xx or 88xx, but he had J6xx, good enough to beat me anyway. Figures I managed to 'get lucky' and hit a running draw, but couldn't win with it. I'm on the fence about the play, I don't think the flop was nearly as bad as Boomer's friend thinks, but again, it's marginal either way.

In retrospect, I agree the flop call for direct odds is slightly weak, but I think with position and implied odds, it's not so bad. I would prefer to be closing out the action, but I don't expect to see the sb ever c/r'ing here because it is extremely, extremely rare for the preflop aggressor in omaha to c/r the flop, especially this type of flop.
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