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Default Weird play by me in a home game. What would the ruling have been in a casino?

This would have never happened in a casino I guess but this happened in a home game with me as dealer.
Any thoughts as to a casino, tourney or SNG ruling?

9 Player Home 3 spots pay. 3 players left so i'm in the $$ no matter what...I'm the chip leader. I'm the dealer and because it's a home game I'm actually dealing the cards.

Sorry no actual chip counts but I have both players covered easily

5000 in stating chips, blinds 800-1600 no ante. i've got K-2 offsuit

I'm first to act and go for the steal and raise to 4000
small blind folds and the big blind (second in chips) calls...

Flop is 10-8-2 all diamonds... BB checks and I go all in with bottom pair...BB calls and shows 2 diamonds, so he flopped the flush.

I say, "I can't win" and throw my cards face down a bit in front of me but not in the muck. Then I say.."ok I can win, do you want me to deal?" and for laughs deal out the hand...I get runner runner 2 K for what would have been a winning full house.

I felt I had conceded the hand and just gave the big blind my chips, no arguments.

It should be noted this this was at my home. It's a regular, every other week game that has been running for over 5 years. We are all friends. Relatively small stakes, $50 buy in.

Any comments? What would have happened in a brick and mortor site?
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