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Default 1-2 NL Live. Am I the worst ever?

Loose passive table(lol big suprise)

$8-15 is the normal preflop raise. Usually get 4 or 5 to the flop. The play is pretty straightforward post flop.

Hand in question.

HERO-KQh lp stack 150ish Villian?? mp stack 700

Villian is very active. Lots of opening and raising. He is talking strat and kind of semi berating the guy sitting next to me for making a mistake and letting him get to his straight. He talks about it forever and is really very annoying. I am pretty new to the table and haven't really played any hands of note.

EP raise to 12, call, villian call, hero call, sb call bb call.

Flop Kh Js x.

check, check, villian bet 26 , hero calls, everyone else folds.

Turn 9s villian bets 37.

I shove for 75more...

He goes in the tank forEVER and is talking alot about how I have q 10. Finally he's like all I've got is ak. You have q10 i know you do. I sat there as stone faced as possible thinking FOLDDDDDD thoughts. He played with his chips for like half an hour. Showed his hand to the guy sitting next to him. Kept talking about q 10. FINALLY he folds.

I show.

He goes NUTS. "Buddy you are terrible. You are the worst ever. You make that shove on the flop and you are going broke. What did you think I had? That was the worst ever. You are going to be broke in minutes. Everyone else at this table calls you right there. I'm the only person that here that lays that down. keep playing like that. I'm coming after you now blah blah blah"

About an hour later he calls me light when I turn the nuts with qj on a 9 10 x board. and I end up taking another nice pot off him.

Then right before I'm getting ready to leave I pick up AA and get more nice value from a guy with k q on a k xx board.

All in all live poker is a lot of fun but this is only maybe the 10th or 11th? time i've played live in a casino. Closest game is 2 hours away and that is just too far to drive for poker. I was getting MIND numbingly bored with the pace of the game. I played for probably 5 hours and for 3.5 of them I didn't win a pot and was stuck a buy in. That wasn't a lot of fun. The guy sitting next to me kept coughing I'm not a germaphobe but someone coughing their east asian bird flu on me isn't cool.

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