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Default weird hand.

In a tournament, i'm dealt K7s on the button. Unraised pot so I called the BB. SB and BB just call/check. ( 5 players left in the hand).

Flop is 379 rainbow . SB makes min bet, BB calls and I call.

Turn: K ( I'm thinking "all right " here )

SB makes an other min bet, BB calls, and I make a 3x Raise. SB calls and BB again doubles the bet. I call, SB calls.

River : 2 SB checks, BB bets 30% of my remaining stack and I call. SB Goes all-in, BB calls and I called all-in. Had the feeling I was beat but what I had left over wasn't good enough to continue the tournament.

SB shows 77 : Set of 7's
BB shows KK : Set of K's
I show K7: 2 Pairs K's and 7's

That's 4 Kings and sevens in the showdown. Amazing. What's the chances of that happening
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very ugly.

i think i remember a hand where that happened to
just it was an omaha hand
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yeah, this smells a lot like omaha.. Tough one
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