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Originally Posted by joeyjoejoejr View Post
I'd probably fold against an unknown englishman... I raise all in if he was from sweden. Seriously

It is pretty close though since people love to overplay top two so you could be freerolling him a decent amount. I would also assume an unknown is loose bad and will have 33 alot and will also overplay that which isnt the end of the world

I doubt he has a wrap + nut flush draw since he limped behind in position so he shouldnt have a AsJs108 type hand. And you are nicely ahead of any quality draw like KxJs10s8x (which he should be pushing) where you have the higher flush draw

But you only have $5 invested and the "dont go broke in unraised pots" applies to omaha as well. I agree you should wait to get a better idea of how he plays. Again - if he was swedish all in
Right, if he was Swedish or Finnish I wouldn't have posted the hand, it would have been so obvious. Your analysis is spot on imo Joey, especially concerning the wrap potential. I thought he might have a wrap, but very unlikely to have a wrap plus an over-flushdraw.

But at my levels, the "european-ness" of British players is enough to make this a shove imo. That's why I included it (that's a response to you as well, Sid). Against an american I probably fold this, just because Americans tend not to overplay draws and semibluff themselves retarded (like Europeans/Brits) and only overplay made hands, which in this case crushes me most of the time, or is a race (occasionally a freeroll).

So I pushed on him. My read was right, he had AT8x with three spades for the nut flush draw. His total out count against my hand - 9, less redraws. And he's in pretty much the best spot he could be against my push. So in it went. How he didn't fold is beyond me... until I remember where he's from.

Of course, he hit. I think in retrospect this is a fold, not because I didn't make a correct read and smoke this eurodonk for equity, but because there is apparently a giant trans-euro luckbox operating probably somewhere off the coast of norway, such that it's able to reach not only Scandinavia but Britain (especially SSTA's house ). I literally haven't faded a naked flush draw from a european player in like 20 straight tries, over about 2.5 to 3 weeks. LOL! But I don't play every day, so what can you do?

But in all seriousness, I think the play was marginal but correct. I neglected to mention (and others didn't either) that there was a good deal of dead money in the pot. This means that if I'm up against a slightly stronger hand (33 for example, or some combo draw aside from a super wrap nfd combo) the play is still correct for value.
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Originally Posted by DoubleU
Oh, and obviously, TWLLM, we'd all rather you just ruled with an iron fist of nittiness and made all decisions without consultation, but that goes without saying, right?

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Interesting really and makes me want to do a series of Stud posts showing how Asians play differently from USA and Europeans, especially the Changle Gang.

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