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Default A mediocre read and God's own luck...

I have QJ suited. I raise preflop, opponent reraises, others fold quickly, I call. Flop comes out with some low cards that didn't help me. No straight draw. I make a small bet to test him, he reraises and for some reason my gut tells me to call. Flop comes off with another low card, doesn't help me. I check to see his move, he bets more than two times the pot.

Now this is a guy I've played with many times before. I had begun to read him and knew that when he had a hand, he liked to slow play it, and when he wanted to bluff, he threw money into the pot like mad. With a queen high, i called his bet, and I see he is surprised I called.

On the river, I catch a Jack. Once again I check, and at this point, he thinks I'm trying to trap him so he checks as well.

Turns out he had a pair of tens, one pocket and the other on the board. I caught the Jack on the river and beat him.
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Your read was pretty pooor then, as you put him on a bluff when in fact he had a made hand. Not a strong one, but a made hand.

You were lucky on the river, otherwise it would have cost you a lot to find out your read was wrong. I would be thinking long and hard about what your gut tells you and probably paying more attention to what your head tells you.

You have nothing on the flop, you make a stab at it, which is fine, but get re-raised. Now it's time to bail out. A lucky river doesn't make it a correct play to chase overcards (unless you are getting very good odds on your money).

As I have been told repeatedly on this forum, focus on decisions not outcomes. You probably made a bad decision here. A good outcome doesn't change that.
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