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Default Looking for advice

The poker games I play in appear to be the so called "best" games you can get. There are players who do all of the tells like look away when their card comes on the flop, or show others their hand when it is good. I really think that I have a good read on whats going on, but I just cannot win... ever. I understand that these types of players are pretty tough to bluff, but how do you pick up pots or whatever if you cant bluff them? I just sit there and wait for a good hand, because thats what it takes but they never come. What do I do about this? Do i just need to stop attending these games?

Ive read quite a few books on poker, but none have really addressed what you do here. Please, if I have something wrong let me know so I dont feel like an idiot for losing all my money to players who are "terrible"
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You play live poker, right? With how many people? Are they really that bad or they that good that they can fake tells?
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If they'll call you down no matter what they have, then you do just have to get good hands. You may be too tight though in what you consider good hands. Especially in NL you can make a lot of money with suited connectors, and even hands like Axs and Kxs if you can get in cheap and hit a flush or 2 pair. If you only play the very best high hands, there's a good chance you won't get as many as you'd like, but if you play some other hands that can turn into something good, they'll come up pretty often.

You may also want to try (if you don't already) betting on good draws. If you build the pot up a bit, then hit your flush, you can probably get them to call a bigger bet on the river. If you miss, you'll lose a bit more, but as long as you don't get a huge amount in on your missed draws, the bigger bet you can take out of them on the end should make up for it.

One more thing you could try, if you really want to be able to bluff them. See if they'll call your all-ins. If they will, you can wait 'till you have a very good hand and bust 'em. If they're too afraid to ever call that big a bet, you can bluff them that way, although it could get expensive if you misread and they have a very good hand.

I think a lot of it just comes down to the individual people. Think about all the things that they do, all the situations where they fold (if there are any), all the times they'll risk all their money (if there are any), and you should be able to find a weakness you can exploit.

Good luck!
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More than anything else, know your opponents. I imagine most are loose/passive but there will definitely be a few loose/aggressive players. Watch their betting styles and learn from them. Don't get too wrapped up in their tells because you might be throwing away the best hand. For example, I've played against players that will have shaky hands with pocket 9's or look away from the flop when they hit an Ace with a horrible kicker or even middle pair. Take advantage of position in these home games because this is when tells are the most hopeful. I will play almost any hand on the button unless I'm faced with a big raise.

Remember that even though you might be a better player doesn't necessarily mean that you should win every time. AA doesn't win everytime nor does the best poker player in the world. Above all else have fun and don't get angry if you get sucked out.
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