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Default Longhand paragraph under Strategy Section

Does your longhand strategy apply well to NL games too? The games I have been playing are NL games with Max Buy-Ins of either $25 or $50 with low blinds.

I know under your NL Primer you say pocket pairs go up in value, but is that all I should consider?
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You want hands that are 'nutlike' hands, not hands that necessarily just win a lot of the time. For example, A10 is a hand that can frequently win, but is ripe to be a second best hand. Thus, you can't bet confidently with it unless the flop is odd like A102 or 1010x.

Thus, big cards that hit the flop often, but not necessarily that well go down in value and hands that will generally hit the flop very well or miss totally go up in value (like pocket pairs or suited connectors).

This is not to say a 67s is now better than an AQ or anything, it is just something to take into consideration.
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