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Default No Limit raise strategy???

What is a good minimum raise in No Limit? Do you stick to the Minimum when you raise or do you raise as a percentage of your bankroll?

How do you figure this out for yourself to maximize the profit and risk of your hand and to stay consistent.

I have played limited games and when I move from Limit to NL and someone raises over the minimum then on another hand raises at the minimum it seems like a weak hand. And sure enough it is.

So to look like you have a decent/strong hand without giving away weaknesses, shouldn't you develop a minimum raise strategy which is above the minimum so that you can stay at that minimum when you raise with a weak hand?

Does this make sense?
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Yes, it's generally good to have a standard raise...I'd say a little above the minimum. Like Min X 1.5 or something. You need to adjust the raise though someitmes if a lot of other people already called and you want to knock them out. If the big blind is a dollar and 6 people already called, raising 1.50-2 is just going to beef up the pot and not knock people out. Having a standard raise is more important when you are the first person to call/raise the big blind.
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