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Default AK or AQ after the flop without pair

AK with flop of Qxx
AQ with flop of Kxx

Assume there's not flush or straight flop.

Not sure the best way to play this hand. I'm always thinking I'm behind
when this happens, but am hesitant to fold also.

thx for thoughts.
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If there's action, fold in both cases. Chances are, someone has top pair (if a decent amount of people are at the flop) and they can easily have as their kicker, A or K. AQ with Kxx you should certainly fold, b/c you only have 3 outs anyway.

If there are a few amount of people at the flop, you can try to flop bluff.
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Here's some of what I think about when that occasion arises.
Note: It depends if you're playing Low limit, NL, Short Handed, Longhanded, etc.

I'll assume its $5-$10 table...

If you're otg, bet and see where you're at.

I tend to follow Skalansky's preturn idea of bet/raising or folding instead of checking to see where your hand stands after the flop. Even with nothing at the flop and it checks to me, I bet and if it comes back to me with a raise I fold. Don't let em see a card for free. (I do this 90% of the time) (not easy to do at low limit $1-$2 tables but has done well for me at my Short Handed NL poker nights with the buds.)

Establish the above then check in later hands to slow play those that think you have nothing - all based on who's doing what at the table though!!!

Back to your post:
If you're in late position and it checks to you. Bet and you might just take the pot. Fold if a raise comes to you.

If you've noticed people folding after a raise in earlier hands, raise in late position as well and see where you're at. Someone with that top pair might figure you to have two pair or that you floped a set.

None of the above should be done before consideration of what the preflop betting patterns are like.

Betting Tips that are based on all the above:
FAST PLAY - Bet, raise and re-raise to get as many other players out as possible.
SLOW PLAY - Just check and call along to keep other players in the game and increase the pot odds.
CHECK-FOLD - Check when you can and fold if you are bet into. Gladly accept all free cards offered.
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