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Default Does this qualify as a bad beat?

Heh ... more fun in tourneys

***** Hand History for Game 177448301 *****
100/200 TourneyTexasHTGameTable (NL) (Tournament 95481 - Sat Sep 20 16:07:26 EDT 2003
Table Big Buck Tournament(3681) Table 2 (Real Money) -- Seat 2 is the button
Total number of players : 10
Seat 1: thepsychot (1940)
Seat 2: kempskipper1 (1365)
Seat 3: TheRock2 (1707)
Seat 4: QwyetOne (3960)
Seat 5: DTC007 (350)
Seat 6: OnionHeadRed (1780)
Seat 7: Sandydollars (6675)
Seat 8: marcdavid007 (2277)
Seat 9: Rivermann99 (675)
Seat 10: Over_N_Under (1840)
TheRock2 posts small blind (50)
QwyetOne posts big blind (100)
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to thepsychot [ Ad, Qc ]
DTC007 folds.
OnionHeadRed calls (100)
Sandydollars calls (100)
marcdavid007 calls (100)
Rivermann99 folds.
Over_N_Under folds.
thepsychot calls (100)
kempskipper1 folds.
TheRock2 calls (50)
QwyetOne checks.
** Dealing Flop ** : [ Qd, Ac, 2c ]
TheRock2 checks.
QwyetOne checks.
OnionHeadRed bets (100)
Sandydollars folds.
marcdavid007 folds.
thepsychot raises (200) to 200
TheRock2 folds.
QwyetOne folds.
OnionHeadRed calls (100)
** Dealing Turn ** : [ 8s ]
OnionHeadRed bets (100)
thepsychot raises (200) to 200
OnionHeadRed calls (100)
** Dealing River ** : [ 8h ]
OnionHeadRed bets (600)
thepsychot calls (600)
** Summary **
Main Pot: 2600
Board: [ Qd Ac 2c 8s 8h ]
thepsychot balance 840, lost 1100 [ Ad Qc ] [ two pairs, aces and queens -- Ad,Ac,Qc,Qd,8s ]
kempskipper1 balance 1365, didn't bet (folded)
TheRock2 balance 1607, lost 100 (folded)
QwyetOne balance 3860, lost 100 (folded)
DTC007 balance 350, didn't bet (folded)
OnionHeadRed balance 3280, bet 1100, collected 2600, net +1500 [ 2d 2h ] [ a full house, Twos full of eights -- 8s,8h,2d,2h,2c ]
Sandydollars balance 6575, lost 100 (folded)
marcdavid007 balance 2177, lost 100 (folded)
Rivermann99 balance 675, didn't bet (folded)
Over_N_Under balance 1840, didn't bet (folded)

Not as bad as the time I got beat by quads twice in five hands ...
I'm wondering about the Empire/PP random generator ...

This is the only time I've ever seen this .... I got Rockets twice in a row...
at Empire/Party and they ??? lost the transcript of the first one???
After I played the next hand I requested the transscript of the last five
hands and got only one of the ones that I got AA in ... hmmm
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something to do, strategy is what you do
when you don't.
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Looks like he had you beat the whole time. A disgusting loss to be sure though. Sets really sneak up on you.
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not uncommon I always get hands on party poker that I just cant lay down and get beat by something better. It's funny when I play real games at party poker I get beat by some unlikely hand that hits on the river or I see an even bigger hand. But when I play in tournaments the cards are way more realistic.

For that reason I stay away from money games and stick to tournaments... Ive had this discussion with many people online (always initiated by them) and our stories are very similar...
Don't Hate the PLAYA... Hate the GAME!!
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