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Default Three good hands in a row.

I logged on to play and the very first hand (posting the sit in bb) I get pocket Tens. I raise preflop which drives two players out. Three of us see the flop.

Small cards on the flop and it checks to me so I bet. Unless someone is playing a bigger pair in the hole, I can't be beat at this point.

It checks to me at the turn and at the river... That is until the K falls at the river and gets bet and I have to play $2 to see what he has. (I do understand I'm beat at this point but have to see it for sure)

He has an AKos in the hole. I get beat by the top pair at ther river...

Down $7.

Guess what. I get Pocket Tens again! It calls for redemption.

Again I raise preflop and again three players see the flop.

It's nearly identical in play. At the flop it checks to me. I bet and get called.

I play the turn differently. It checks to me and I check and guy next to me checks. I'm confident at this point that with nothing at the River I have this hand.

At the river it again checks to me and I bet.

The guy who checked after me at the turn calls my bet and other guy folds.

What the heck does he have. A pocket pair?


I get beat with pocket Q this time - ???

Was that a good slow play(?) or someone playing out of fear of getting beat? He possibly could have gotten a raise or should have at least bet the turn and raised the river if he had me starting the bets with a raise preflop. Cause what's he thinking? Why is he playing if he thinks he's beat from the start? Is he calling all the way to the river thinking I have a pair higher than his? That wouldn't make sense. DOES IT?

Now if a bet came to me at the flop I would have raised. If it was called then I would have mucked.

I wanted to fast play these Tens and hopefully make someone like QQ think i have the AA/KK. But there were only checks even from the QQ.

Lose another $7 - any advice on this hand?


Yeah... big deal considering my pocket tens where I was ahead before it even started. But I'll play this technically sound (i think).

I call preflop figuring to benefit from a multiway pot which I get.

Flop sucks for everyone but I do get two of my suited cards. It again checks to me. I bet it out and it gets called with a few folds.

I have several outs at this point compared to how people are betting their hand and I have possible Top Pair eventually. One more for a nut flush so I'm playing.

Turn same thing. I didn't hit my flush.

Then a 2os at the river drops and it checks to me again.

I didn't hit my nut flush. But with all these checks nobody has anything but high cards playing for a draw or a small pair but I'm betting so why are they playing? If we are all drawing - I have the highest of the high cards and playing like I still have the winning hand.

Everyone has seen my pocket T in two hands previous right? I figure they know I have a good hand. So I can bluff this one out. Bet the river and hope the last two guys fold.

I'm wondering why anyone who was still in was playing knowing a flush could hit at the river???

Should I just check and see what's what or bet and hopefully drive the last two guys out.

I bet, one guy folds (probably playing for the flush as well) one guy calls.

What do you think he has?

An A2os. (He probably would have folded at this point without a pair right?)

So what guy would stick it out to the river with an A2 against someone betting thru the hand???

I read everything right didn't I?

I had to leave and hit the punching bag for a while.
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It seems to me he read YOU right!!
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Was this hand at Party/Empire Poker? I have had conversations with people over there who all share similar bad beat stories. I probably seem like im beating a dead horse, but I am amazed at the number of times I have been beaten by either a lucky river, a bigger hand than my big hand, or some jackass calling big bets to the end with nothing but a pipe dream of hitting his and and him getting it. I have found the tournaments the only place at PP where you have a realistic chance of getting a fair game.

In your post you said these were the first 3 hands dealt to you. That is exactly what I have experienced. I don't want to toot my own horn, but I am a pretty sound live game player, and I will set down at a NL 50 table and be broke before the button makes one pass around the table.

Every now and then I will go on a good run and up my bankroll significantly, but 24 hours later it is all gone + some. Tournaments are the only thing making me money right now. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Another consistency I have found through discussions with other players is that they all went on a "hot streak" in the few weeks after signing up, only to lose it back by getting beat by hands like you just described.
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With a pocket tens you were leading the whole way in a loose game and I don't think you will get AK to fold unless there is a lot of action after the flop in which case you may worry about two pair.

The second time with tens you can almost thank them for not raising. If I was playing it their lack of a raise would have saved me one big bet if I felt they were loose. If they raise pre flop I would call instead of raise and then when they bet into a rag flop I would have raised and then they would have reraised. Then I would have called them on the turn and river. The lack of a raise from them cost them a fairly good pot. They probably play any pocket pair to the river or showdown and they get beat too often when an ace or king comes on the river, so therefore no raise. With poket queens you will be leading after more half the flops...they should always raise.

On the third hand always raise preflop with AK even offsuit. You will see and A or K one time for every two times you do not and if you have two other people or more seeing the flop you will have the odds to play with top pair. Don't be afraid to check and fold when the flop misses your hand.
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