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Default Site Reviews

Empire/Party - Really one in the same. This has become my new home. Not necessarily because they are the best, but (1) they have the most players and (2) the have the best customer service by far. Great response times! You can logon and find a full table of any game you want to play on at any point during a 24 hr period. Cash-out time is excellent as well. I once cashed out of Party and had my money in my Neteller acct with 2hrs.

Ultimatebet - This was my home. There isn't too much wrong with this site other than the fact their network seems to go down way to much. At the very best it's extremely slow at most times. Most all poker rooms offer the same "stuff" anymore so I won't go into details. The only reason I moved home (besides the network response) was that UB seems to have more skilled players than most sites making it hard to make "easy" money. This could be from all the Pros that endorse their site... not sure.

True Poker / Pacific Poker - I would group these two together for a couple of reasons. (1) On the down-side you can only play one table at a time. I normally like to play more depending on the game I'm playing. (2) Its home to some of the dumbest players the internet has to offer. If you a beginner, read all the information Two Gun has to offer on this site and hit one of these two rooms. Tight-aggressive will consistently win you money here. True Poker's 3D interface (although unnecessary) is very entertaining at times.

Paradise Poker - "Home of the bad beat" I deposited $200 here to receive my $50 bonus. Played 500 hands of 1/2 and cashed out with $200.25, but of course, they keep the quarter... Jerks! At one time this was the most populated poker site. I think they've just been sitting back raking in money all this time. They are just now starting to introduce multi-table poker games.

Planet Poker - "Home of the even worse bad beat" Something has got to be up here. This is were I started many, many years ago. It was bad then, but I chalked it up to being an amateur. Now, I just don't know... It could have been a run of bad luck, but regardless, avoid this site. At peak times they may have 100 players at most. I cashed out before collecting any of my bonus.

Golden Tiger- The interface and flow of the game is not to bad but I have an extreme issue with some of their policies which I'll post under 'Players Lounge' It's only that reason that I place them this low. If the information I post is not a problem for you, I would rate them right above Paradise but under True/Pacific.

Hope this helps everybody. Two Gun - I used your links to sign up for most of these sites so I hope you saw a little $$$ for that
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Excellent reviews! Thanks for the info.

Any comments on Poker Room? I'm tempted to try them because of their 40% deposit bonus (althought it seems like it is harder to work off the bonuses compared to Party).

Im currently at Paty Poker and Intertops Poker (another party skin).
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No, I haven't been there, but that is my next stop. I would be interested to hear from some folks that have been there. Anybody been to Poker Room?
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Default Dynamite Poker

I cant belive you rediculous rating on Dynamite...

One, the action is more of a tight nit family, and they do 20/30 for most buyin tourneys....

Also they have decent promotions and cashouts are done same day (at least mine have...)

So I definitely can't agree with your rating on Dynamite, sorry...
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Default Pacific Poker Upgrades

Hey TwoGun and all, Da Dog says HEY!

I have been playing poker at UB for some weeks now with a little stint into Pokerroom for a change. I have to admit, Pokerroom was one HECK of a change with all of the signing in and trying to figure out where what was located and where I was last at. Compitition was ok too. Lots of fish, but some good sneaky sharks as well.

Now for the real reason of the post. After getting hammered hard at Pokerroom by a shark, and uninterested in returning to UB for a while, I went back to Pacific Poker for the first time in a month or so. Much to my happy suprise, I found that they have upgraded the website.

They now offer Sit and Go and Multi Table Tournements. I didn't see any NL or PL games, but I didn't look hard either. The Tournements start as low as $2.xx buy in and go up to around $200. Again, I didn't get too much in the way of details because I wanted to get into the tournement.

The lobby is nicer and the table software seems to run much smoother. Now I have to admit, it may be running smoother because I was on a different system which has a much better video card, more RAM, and faster processor than my normal system, but it was nice enough to mention. The caveat here, if it ran good before for you, you may not notice it, because I am basing this on something I have no real basis of comparison for. If, however, you played in the past, and go back and notice an improvement, then I havn't wasted space.

At any rate, I wanted to pass it on to the Limit Tournement players in case you're interested. Also, if you sign up for a tournement, and it takes a while to build a table, you can still play on another table. When the game begins, you are promted to go to the table as soon as you finish your hand at the table you are currently playing.

Be Safe and well,
aka RogueGnat
or Thorn
really I'm Dave.

"A dead thing can go with the stream. Only a living thing can go against it" ~everlasting man 1929
Live a life worth reading about in the future.
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