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Default Did I overplay my pocket Aces?

I play at Pacific Poker, and I'm not sure how to get a text version of the hand, so here's the recap based off the recap video:

9 players at the table. $1/$2 Limit Hold'Em

I'm the small blind and I'm dealt AhAs.
Two players call the BB before the player to my right raises. I reraise, the BB calls and so do the other two players. Player to my right caps the pot and everyone calls. (So five players all put in the $4).
The player to my right (who raised twice) plays a number of pots (a bit of a maniac) and raises on hands I wouldn't but hasn't raised like this, so I figure he has either JJ, QQ, KK, AA (although unlikely), or at worst AK or AQ.
Flops comes 9d2c5s. So any flush draws are pretty much dead. I'm first to act and I raise. The two players to my left fold and the third calls. The player to my right reraises and I reraise back. Other player calls, player to my right caps, and I and third player call. (Three players putting in an addition $12).
The turn is Qs, so there still is a flush draw, but unlikely anyone stayed on that. Betting is same as turn before. (So an addition $24 from three players).
The river is Ad. Oh, hell yeah. I raise, the "third" player folds, and the player to my right reraises. I reraise, and he caps. (An addition $16 from the two of us). He shows his pocket Queens (for trip Qs) and I show my pocket Aces to take the pot.
My question is, did I misplay the turn (or any other point other than the river)?

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If I thought he had queens and had made trips I might not have put in a reraise on the turn and that would have given away your aces on the river when you start raising again. But you never know for sure what they have, so sometimes you just need to hope it is KK and keep raising. If they play is capped before the flop and after I would have to put them on AA or KK if it is capped. With QQ I am suprised they didn't let up and worry about a bigger pair.
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