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Default A** Pounding Bad Beat

well this definately must qualify. I'm on the button with pocket kings(D,S). Person in number 6 spot raises 50. I call and reraise another 50. He calls me all in. I've played numerous times with this guy at our monthly game and he has been known to do some stupid bets, so I go all in for heads up.

We turn them over..

He also has a pair of kings(H,C) in the hole! So the cards are dealt and he catches a flush ace high with the hearts.

Beoch, I'm out!

Going back over it, should I have assumed he had aces in the hole or was I right?
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Nobody can fault you for moving all in with KK. Nobody in their right mind would lay that down. It reminds me of a hand I played at Binions in Tunica last month.

I had AA and raise Under the Gun. by the time it gets back to the BB (the guy to my right) it has been raised again. he looks at me and asks if I have Aces and then raises. Now, right then I know he has KK so I cap it at 5 bets or 20 bucks before the flop (4-8 table). At this point there are 4 people in and the flop comes K,4,4. For some reason I called it down knowing I was beat, just praying the guy had AK or some hand other than KK, but sure enough he turns over Kings full of 4s and I lost.

Why are high pairs so hard to lay down? I think it also had something to do with the 100+ dollar pot I was looking at out in the middle. It was definatley a "crying call". This guy was sporting his poker club jacket and thought he was Johnny Chan which made me sick. The worst part is that he had been there for a while and cashed out a few hands later. I never got a chance to pay his goober ass back. Oh well, I will remember this chode till the day I die and Hopefully I will sit at the table with him agian and recoup some losses.
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We've all had the beat on AA...

I had it in the bag ! Even an A came out on the flop BUT I had to fold by the River as there was a Flush on the table and the guy went in all in ! I was out of the Flush (no matching card) - I knew this guy had the Flush !

I folded and was nearly sick !!! BUT - I didn't risk the all in !

I also still won that tour.
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