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Default i think i need a lucky charm

After switching over to cash tables from STTs about 2 weeks ago, i have been averaging about 100$ a day at no limit tables. That is until maybe two days ago....Seems like every big hand that i play i've been getting rivered unbelievably. Friggin flush draws are killing me. My stratagey has always been to bet big to get them out, but people keep chasing them; and lately been catching them alot. I go to the river with the definite best hand only to get a bad beat once again. It is hard to understand why people will call an obviously large bet when they have essentially nothing and are a major underdog. I know you have to tell yourself that its just a bad stretch and statistically i will start winning, but its hard to reload the chips only to have it happen again. Don't worry i'm not giving up; i'm just looking for my lucky charm.
Good luck on the tables
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Default lulcky charm

I'd suggest playing tighter for a while, if even playing for a while. If you consistantly bet big, and I am a competitor, I'd get on to thinking that you are bluffing or trying to buy the pot and if I even have a remote chance of a draw, I'd call to the river.

It is likely that the luck has changed some and that is normal. Short of tightening up, I'd say take a break from it for a few days, or even play a differnet site. At the very least, after cinching up the straps, I'd play different games/stakes. Maybe try limit poker on a low limit table, but still play it close with only the premium hands in the pocket. It will settle you down and get you off of tilt.

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Something to consider...if they catch their hand, and you call their big river bet, then it isn't as bad a play.

Ask you create good implied odds for other players?
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