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jeff ryan
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jeff ryan
Default Bad Beats??

I have been reading a lot of posts about people getting killed on the river bad less than average pocket cards. Let me put me two cents in:

1. A lot of these posts deal with people going all in preflop w/ AA, KK, QQ or JJ or something else big. Is this a good play when you know your are playing against calling stations??(think, why am I at this table??Is it to be the best of the best, or to take candy from the baby?) Say if you slowpalyed it just a bit more once in a while to see a flop like Jh Td 2c w/ your AA. (bet -bet, but no huge raise raise or anything)Turn comes Jd and some fish bets all in to you. Now you have a choice to get out of the hand if you wish-based on your's read. If youre all in what choice do you have???Just my opinion, obviously there is a time to go all in, but it sounds like many people go all-in too soon because they aren't confident playing on and after the flop-so they try and end it right there WAY TOO MUCH. It is much better to throw away a winning hand once in a while and keep your chips than risking 100% of your stack on a (though it is strong) that will get statistically weaker the more cards that come out. Though you will probably win more times than not w/ AA, KK etc you only get those 1:256 deals, so if you have a bad beat, you'll have to wait a while before you get a chance to redeam your self with them.

2. People were complaining about the Random Number Generator. I will not getinto the math behind it, but it is impossible for a computer generate something completely random such as those #'s. The guy that figured this out was the mathematician that desigend the Keno machines. He found a way to beat them won a few million dollars then served a few years for gamming fraud.

just some things to think about ,
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Bad beats are natural. After all, people are complaining when the other guy had a 5-20% shot, which often happens quite often.

It's difficult for us to monitor other site's random number generators, but the sites I personally play on the most (Empire/Party and UB), I feel very confident in their RNG.
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Do you question the power of Blum Blum Shlub!

Your analysis on the AA I think is excellent for a tournament play. Giving yourself a chance to escape is a very good idea.

In ring games though, AA guarantees good odds preflop. The only reason I wouldn't want my money allin is if my bankroll can't support a loss, in which case I shouldn't even be at the table. I lose all the time with AA...but I win a lot more.
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I think it is all in the way you play it.

i re-started poker tracker for the new year and so far I am 9 for 9 with AA (knock on wood). Last year I was like 97% wins.

However, im 80% with KK
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