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I know I'm a fairly new player online and I don't have much room to think I have talent to give, but I thought I'd let you in on something that happened with me and maybe you'll learn something from it. Up to a week ago, I had been up to almost $900 from $150 in about a month and a half. I was playing quite aggresively and at times, almost cocky. I played two tables at once and started making calls I wouldn't normally make. I felt like I had mastered the game and could win for sure. Of course I was wrong. It caught up to me along with a nasty streak of bad luck (finding others with AA to my KK a bunch of times, having AA broken by 78o, stuff like that that happens, but sucks a whole lot). In three days I lost $150, in 4 I was down a total of $250. I as they might say, checked myself. I decided that I wasn't going to chance losing a large portion of my winnings, so I cashed out down to $150. Secondly, I took a look at my game and thought about what might be going wrong. I stopped playing two tables and started taking book on my opponents like crazy, noting almost every hand. This allowed me to look more closely at what other people were doing. I was able to read people better because of this, and in two days I'm almost back to where I was minus the cashout. The point here is obviously that you should not overvalue your play because overconfidence leads to bad calls and bad bluffs. I think the number one quality I can work on to better my play (and consistency) is humility. By only playing one table, and combing my opponents actions with a fined tuned brush, I was able to gain discipline as well as learn more about how to play my opponents. Just thought you all might be able to gain even a little something from that story.
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Good story and so true. My first week playing I was way up. I thought I had this poker thing mastered in one week. Of course as I moved up limits, I eventually got spanked. Freaked out a little and wondered about my poker future. So I became more diligent in my study of poker theory (Sklansky). Read and reread (still rereading) Holdem for advanced players and eventually regained my composure. I play 5-10 limit and feel very comfortable there. There is no way I could play 2 games at once. Sklansky lays out proper guidelines for 5-10 tables and up. But in order for them to be effective your analytical skills to be in tune.
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<---- Did the same thing.

Nothing like turning 25 bucks into 320 in a night for a college kid. I realized however that I was seeing beginners luck and stopped playing for a bit to read up on the game
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