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Default 2 Royal Flushes in 4 days!

Only the 2nd and 3rd royal in my life, and they almost happened back to back!

First one, last Thursday night, I'm in a local live freeroll tourney. Still early, and about half of the people there have no idea what they are doing. Alot of the players dragged their wives/friends/family there who have never played before.

So I've got AsQs in the small blind with a wife next to me in BB. A few limpers before it gets to me, and I raise to 3x the BB. BB calls as do the other limpers.

Flop is TsJs9d. I check, wife bets 2x BB, all fold to me. I call.

Turn is 6s. Nut flush! I check hoping for check raise, but she checks behind me (ok, pretty good play on her part I thought, but wait for it...)

River: Ks! I bet out about 4x BB. She immediately raises me another 4x! I sit back, thinking, check my cards again, and finally mutter something like "screw it" and push all in. She calls immediately. She flips over QQ for the straight. I show my royal and take it down.

While everybody is oohing and awing, her husband is telling her that she probably should have pushed QQ a lot harder on the flop, and folded when there are 4 spades on the board. Gotta love the freerolls.

Second one: Last night, I'm in a $20 sit and go on Poker Stars. I've been getting great cards and one very lucky river that has given me an early 4x chip lead over the closest stack. Blinds are 25/50 and I'm dealt KcQc in the BB. 4 limpers, then a raise to 250. I call and the UTG limper calls.

Flop is 9hJcAc. I lead out immediately for 600. First limper calls, original pre-flop raisor folds. Turn is the 5c for my nut flush. First limper only has 450 left, so I put her all in. She calls immediately with A5o. Can't blame her, she had to go there. River is the Tc to add insult to injury.

I proceeded to play probably one of the most enjoyable heads-up games I've ever played (this guy was very good) and winning it. All in all a good past few days!
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