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Default Nailed a suckout!!!!

We as poker players tend to dwell on the bad beat that some goof with a very slim chance draws out on us. Well today i got one good. Also this kinda lets ya know whats out there on the net playin and how clueless they can be.

I had pckt Js on the button, all call. flop is J-3-3. BOOM! the suckout to my left who has called every hand bets, its gets around to me with 5 callers, i just call. turn 10d (J-3-3-10) suckout is under the gun so he bets 3 callers my right raises i just call other 2 players fold. river is an 8 (J-3-3-10-8 ) he bets my right raises i re-raise suckout caps it. he has pckt 8s! i won $53 in 1/2 limit, decent pot.

This is the kicker, after the hand he types "we both had a hidden full house yours was just better" i said yeah you had yours hidden until the river! then shut up. After almost a year playin on the net im still amazed at the absolute stupidity that exsist.
anyway it sure felt good!!

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