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Default Showing lost or bluffed hands

I can't remember where I read this (I've been reading a lot lately), but someone wrote an article about the value of showing a bad hand once in a while, particularly if you're not getting enough callers or raisers. For example, I might decide to play a 7-2o, knowing I'm going to lose, as long as it's not too expensive. Then at the end of the showdown, show the hand and get the 'equity' that will get my AA, KK, etc. called later. I'm still a newbie, so this might be a bit advanced for me to be playing with (potential disaster), but I can see the value in doing it.
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The only way I show is if I have a good hand
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I started this post awhile ago and since then I've changed my mind. I'll almost never show my hand.
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You always show power hands, that way you get respect!
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