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Default Sweet Revenge

I was playing flawlessly in the Quarter million dollar 20+2 tourney when this hand came up. I was 2nd biggest stack in the tourney and had the image of the table bully.

***** Hand History for Game 523854090 *****
200/400 TourneyTexasHTGameTable (NL) (Tournament 318765 - Tue Apr 13 19:40:47 EDT 2004
Table ($20/2) Million Dollar Qualifier(13143) Table 3 (Real Money) -- Seat 9 is the button
Total number of players : 10
Seat 1: Clitboy (7962)
Seat 2: mdw21 (340
Seat 3: ddelrosso (1820)
Seat 4: kingpin1_1 (1690)
Seat 5: donaldmurphy (4043)
Seat 6: willowtree (3933)
Seat 7: scottcan (3070)
Seat 8: whitestripes (6061)
Seat 9: Chris3219 (5840)
Seat 10: beastiemiked (8153)
beastiemiked posts small blind (100)
Clitboy posts big blind (200)
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to beastiemiked [ Ad, Js ]
mdw21 folds.
ddelrosso folds.
kingpin1_1 folds.
donaldmurphy folds.
willowtree folds.
scottcan raises (400) to 400
whitestripes folds.
Chris3219 calls (400)
beastiemiked calls (300)
Clitboy calls (200)
** Dealing Flop ** : [ 4d, Ac, Ah ]
beastiemiked bets (1200)
Clitboy folds.
scottcan folds.
Chris3219 raises (2400) to 2400
beastiemiked raises (6553) to 7753
beastiemiked is all-In.
Chris3219 could not respond in time.(disconnected)
Chris3219 Disconnect Protection enabled.
** Dealing Turn ** : [ Qh ]
** Dealing River ** : [ 5h ]
Creating Main Pot with $6400 with Chris3219
Creating Side Pot 1 with $5353 with beastiemiked
** Summary **
Main Pot: 6400 | Side Pot 1: 5353
Board: [ 4d Ac Ah Qh 5h ]
Clitboy balance 7562, lost 400 (folded)
mdw21 balance 3408, didn't bet (folded)
ddelrosso balance 1820, didn't bet (folded)
kingpin1_1 balance 1690, didn't bet (folded)
donaldmurphy balance 4043, didn't bet (folded)
willowtree balance 3933, didn't bet (folded)
scottcan balance 2670, lost 400 (folded)
whitestripes balance 6061, didn't bet (folded)
Chris3219 balance 9440, bet 2800, collected 6400, net +3600 [ 5s As ] [ a full house, Aces full of fives -- As,Ac,Ah,5s,5h ]
beastiemiked balance 5353, bet 8153, collected 5353, lost -2800 [ Ad Js ] [ three of a kind, aces -- Ad,Ac,Ah,Qh,Js ]

The guy blatently used the disconnect protect to his advantage and won. He knew I had him beat after I reraised and probably would've laid his hand down if he was forced to call or fold. If he had folded I would have had the chip lead in the tourney by over 2000 chips and well on my way to the final table. If he had chose to call and he took the extra chips, I would've marked it down as a bad beat and moved on. The guy even had the nerve to say he did it purpose in the chat after I called him a cheater. Luckily Party will be getting rid of this feature on April 15th but for me it was 2 days to late.

I ended up in 25th never winning another pot after this. Lost my last 2000 chips on A10s(the same hand I lost my last tourney on) to a flush on the river.

The guy that cheated ended up making the final table with top 5 getting seats and 6-7-8 splitting $400. I was overjoyed when I came on an hour later after I got eliminated only to see him bust out in 9th place with nothing to show for his efforts. Serves him right.
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It should make you happy to know that Party Poker has changed their policy to now fold the disconnected hands.
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Yeah, the guy that did it actually said they are changing April 15th. I guess he would know best.
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