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Default What works well???

The purpose of thread is for everyone to post a NL Ring game strategy which has made you PROFITS. It can be anything (betting methods, how tight you play, hands you play, bluff strategy, when you lay down, when your aggressive, etc) Just make sure it a consistent profit making strategy. I’m not looking for a big paragraph loaded with all types of unnecessary details, just enough details so we can get the idea of your strategy and apply it our game. Hopefully we can learn from each other and better our game. Below are some examples.

Example: Always play pocket pairs if I can limp. If I don't hit a set I'm gone if there’s a bet. If I hit a set and there's a possible flush draw or straight I bet the min and wait for the turn. Etc. Etc

Another Example: I always limp even with pocket AA's. And on the flop I'll wait to see the bet before I call or reraise. Etc. Etc.
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I would like to see some people chime in here because it would be helpful to me. I do well in the sit and gos, but I don't make much in the .50/1 NL ring games.
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check-raise bluff pots with 3-4 people involved when only the final person to act bets.
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The strategy that I was using was working for me. The three times I deposited money into party poker I made on average $500 the first week. Let's assume it is a $100 no limit table, $2 bb, $1 sb.

I always try to limp in with low pocket pairs...anything lower than QQ. If someone raises substanially before the flop, let's say to $8 I will ussually fold them away, but if I have been sitting at the table for sometime and am up money I will take the gamble and hope to hit. If I hold any pocket pairs and I am in late position to act and mostly eveyone has folded then I will raise regardless of what my pocket pairs are to try and get people out of the mix.

When holding AQ, AJ, AK, QK, QJ...I will always try and limp in to see a flop...I will only call minimum raises preflop with these cards.

Another instance when I take a shot is lets say someone raises preflop to $6 and there are many callers about 5-7...If I am holding low connectors
I might try to see the flop because all the callers of the $6 all have high cards in their pocket and I am hoping for a low flop to come out. I wil only do this if I am up money.

When the flop comes down I look at the over cards on the table and the possiblity for a flush or straight. I then bet accordingly...sometimes I will check and other times I will initiate the betting, others I will check raise.

The turn and river get a little tricky....not sure now whether to bet or not, this is where I have the most trouble in my game so I cannot comment any further.

Hope this helps.
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My NL ring guidelines

1. Don't change your style if you are up a lot. If you win by playing tight-aggressive then keep playing that way. It's ok to mix your game up to throw your opponents off but don't compromise the huge chip stack you have attained.

2. Watch the bigger stacks moreso than the smaller ones. Seeing how a guy with a $10 stack is betting is not nearly as important as watching how a guy with $100 stack is betting his 10Js.

3. Don't play above your bankroll. If you have pot odds to call a huge bet and don't then you shouldn't be playing at the level.

4. Don't be afraid to get up. If you are up 3X your initial buy-in but there's a larger stack at the table, don't be afraid to take your profit and leave.

NL ring strategy

1. Strategy is very table dependant. If a table rarely raises preflop than play hands that aren't that great, especially in late position.

2. In an unraised pot never throw your hand away if you are in the SB. I don't care if I have 27o in the SB, I'll play it. The only time this shouldn't be done is if there is a maniac behind you that loves to raise preflop.

3. At an aggressive table preflop don't be afraid to limp in with a monster hand in early position. You'll more than likely have a raise and at that time you can either choose to slow play or reraise.

4. Don't alway check-raise with a monster after the flop. I love overbetting pots when I have trips when I'm pretty sure someone else hit the flop. Especially love it when I've got trips and someone is holding an overpair. If you check then raise you might only win their initial bet ,but if you over bet and they have a solid hand they will more than likely reraise. I normally employ this when I'm first or second to act after the flop in a multi way pot.
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