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Default 2 hand roller coaster.

In my first hand of a $5 sit and go, I have pocket 7s and make my set on the flop. I'm up to about 1400 chips from 800. 2nd hand I get dealt cowboys, raise 4x big blind, next person folds, next person is all in, I call. Here is the result:

Would you call a preflop all in having twice the chips as your opponent and holding KK?
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Especially in a $5 sit and go. That guy could have any number of hands.

There aren't many time I could tell you to laydown KK (except maybe at the final table with 2 people all in before you), especially online, and especially early on in the tournament.

You had an oppurtunity to have a resounding chip leap, otherwise go back to your normal starting position. I'd take it anytime, and so should you.
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No way would I have folded that. I've seen people put in monster raises like 325 in 10/15 blinds in $30 sit and go tournaments with small pockets. Even if the guy has the one hand that puts you behind preflop, you still have about a 20% chance of winning the hand.
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Tough call. That early in the tourney and the guy bets 700+ versus your 60 chip bet. I would have laid it down. One, because it's too early to know the style of the player (tight, loose, etc), and now instead of you being in the driver's seat with 1400, he's in the driver seat. I also like to at least see the flop to gauge my/his hand.

My thoughts are that you had too much to lose and too little to gain. Granted you would be up 2100 chips versus 700 for the other players, but, as this site says in its NL Single table tourney link, the 700 chips you gain early are not as valuable as the 700 you lose early on in a tourney.

I hope you did well the rest of the tourney.
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