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Default Against Maniacs....

I've been playing alot at Party $100 NL tables recently, and I've run into quite a few very loose players... and few complete maniacs.

Do you find tables with these types of players profitable, or dangerous?
I've read Sklansky's section on Maniacs, but playing back at them seems easier said than done. What do you guys do in situations like this?

Yesterday, this guy was going all in preflop every single hand with about $150 in his stack. People were waiting and calling with good hands, like KK or AK... but would lose to his A3 or J8. Finally, he just raised it $15 preflop. I called with TT and hit a set, with a Ten being the highest card on the flop. I bet $5 and he raises all-in and I call. End up hitting quad tens. Yeah, I had a good hand....but could have easily lost it all too.

Do you guys usually find it worthwhile playing with people like this, or just better to leave?
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No limit isn't a game you should be playing if you are scared to lose your whole stack. As long as you are making the right play, if you happen to lose, at least you played it right. I would suggest continuing to play these kinds of players, especially since you can double up your stack fairly easily.
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These are the best people to play against. You want to try and sit to their left by the way. All you do is just wait for a hand, and get paid off.

As pack said though, if you don't feel comfortable betting 100 on a 3-2 favorite, you shouldn't be playing at the table.
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