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Default A horrid night

A little while ago I headed down to a home game I've been frequenting. This night they were playing 1, 2, and 3 table mini-tournaments with a buyin of $20 each. Now, last time I played this way with them, I won $150 playing sub-optimally. This time I lost $80 playing extremely well. I was getting knocked out on hands where I was at least a 3-1 favorite to win, it was ugly. In the first tournament (1 table) my aces got cracked by 3's that hit not a set, but a straight. In the second tournament (1 table) I was in the last three, second taking a little and first the rest. My AKs got beat by A4s with a four on the flop. Third tournament (2 table, 16 players) I'm again on the bubble a little short stacked with huge blinds. I get KK and go all in on the SB after a raise from the button. The large blind, seeing as he has only enough to pay the SB next hand calls all in with 35o, and the button calls my all-in with 88. Flop comes 233! Now, at this point I still have a sizeable side pot with the button's 8's, but the turn comes and 8 to give him a boat! Had I won that hand I would have been chip leader with the button barely able to pay the next round of blinds. Finally, in the last tourney I played (3 table, 22 people) we were down to 6 with 4 getting money, I get AJs (diamonds) on the button and make a nice raise. Both the small and big blinds call (with the big blind saying, "hey, let's gamble"). Flop comes AJ8 with two clubs. The SB which is an extremely aggressive player that raises constantly goes ahead and bets half the pot, the big blind after thinking a while calls and I go all-in. The SB quickly folds but the BB thinks awhile and calls (going almost all-in himself). He has 39 suited in clubs and of course the turn is Qc. Luck can be a bitch.
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